Dear Editor: I see that nine roads are up for resurfacing and there is no doubt that some of these are in need of resurfacing. But what about those of us that live on a dirt road?

I would not mind living on a dirt road if I did not have to travel it twice a day or if I could afford to trade vehicles when ours are ragged out from the dust and mud, not to mention the wear and tear on tires from the gravel. People also like to spin around at my driveway making ruts at my drive and slinging dust and mud on my mail box. I recently visited a neighbor, I almost turned around before I reached their house because the dirt road was so rough. As we say, it was like riding on a wash board, imagine traveling on that road twice a day and the toll that it will eventually take on the vehicles front end.

I know of a particular dirt road that has several residents living on it, maybe they are happy. I for one though would like to see our road paved, yes my taxes would go up a little but in the long run it will be worth it.


Ted Fowler


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Virginia Moss

Same for my 2-mile dirt road. I have often thought about a public/private partnership with county government. There are about 23 homes on my road; what if 20 households voluntarily contributed, say, 20% to 25% of the cost of even just a tar-and-gravel type pavement? I'm told that it costs a million dollars a mile to pave. I don't know just what that figure covers, but I don't see it. Maybe if that included curbing with storm drains and painted centerlines and edges, but my wide road has 30 years of sunken gravel underneath (I figure 3' to 4' deep), grading and ditches. Why can't they just come and lay asphalt on top and be done with it?

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