Dear Editor: So commissioners Theresa Bettis, Brian Kirk and Derek Doster have agreed to revisit the noise ordinance. What took them so long?

Did they have to go off behind closed doors to get permission to discuss the matter publicly? Whose permission did they need?

People in this county have been begging for relief from the racket for more than a year. Until Sept. 14, all but one of the commissioners just sat there.

Bettis, Kirk and Doster need to go. The public has lost confidence in them.


Harriet Gray

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Virginia Moss

And the one who didn't just sit there, Lee Allen, is leaving his position. I've been in Madison County 12 years and he's been the best commissioner during that time by far. Too bad government service can't attract and keep the better kinds of people who get wooed away by better prospects elsewhere.

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