Dear Editor: Having the option to Zoom into Madison County Board of Commissioners meetings was a welcome and safe way to be involved, stay informed and have the opportunity to provide public comments.

Considering that we are still fighting a pandemic, it seems prudent to reinstate this option, at minimum for those of us who are considered high risk and thus unable to safely attend these meetings in person. I know that looking out for the health and wellbeing of the citizens of Madison County is of utmost importance to the county government, and look forward to Zoom capabilities being offered again very soon.


Leigh Ann Jones


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Virginia Moss

I agree and not just during a pandemic. There are all kinds of reasons people can't or don't want to travel and sit uncomfortably at these long meetings. The video recordings on the website are all but useless since you can't tell who is talking or hear what they are saying either because they fail to use their microphones or they fail to turn them off when others are speaking. For me, I have sensory processing issues so that I need to read lips as well as to hear sound to know what people are saying. So, even being present isn't enough when I can't see the person speaking at the lectern. I'd very much like to see Zoom meetings continue ongoing into the future.

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