Dear Editor: To the Stone Mountain trustees, I have an idea regarding Stone Mountain, which would be of benefit to Georgia as we move forward into the future.

Stop funding the annual cleaning of the carving, and allow a natural progression of lichens, mosses, and small plants, with their accompanying insect populations, to take over. Granite outcroppings support a unique ecosystem found nowhere else in the world. Various University of Georgia system science departments could monitor the progression over many years to come. Park visitors could be informed about the ongoing research, and their curiosity encouraged, through a science exhibit at the Park monitoring the very gradual disintegration of the carving.

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Virginia Moss

This is an interesting take on a thorny problem. I remember seeing the original faded carving on Stone Mountain before it was "discovered", when it was "natural" and I was 7 years old. I viewed it across a wide expanse of empty pasture before my family found a place to leave our car and we walked up the mountain, no fences, no buildings, no pathways, no signs; just nature.

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