Dear Editor: We moved to our property in 1986, anticipating that most of the dirt roads in the county would soon be paved.

It is now 34 years later and our dirt road, Zetta Lee Johnson Road, is not even being considered for pavement. I have seen roads in the county that have been paved for a number of years. Some of them you have to wonder why were they paved and others have not been paved. We don't have expensive vehicles, but we value what we have. The dust creeps into every little space it can find, the mud is just as bad, and the roughness of the road soon starts to shake things loose on a vehicle. The dirt road will soon take its toll and your vehicle over years becomes what I call ragged out.

Many people cannot afford to trade a vehicle every few years. It has to last. I would like to see our dirt road paved and I am sure that there are others that are worse than ours. The dirt road we live on is right off Hwy. 72. Oh wait, the "the industrial corridor.” Our taxes continue to go up. They have made no improvements. Now we have to put up with Georgia Renewable Power. It is the year 2020 and we still have to live on a dirt road. My wife and I travel this road twice a day, so we truly feel the wrath of the dirt road.

The county just received another million in taxes. Another subdivision was put in on the Colbert Diamond Hill Road. So, I ask, “Why can't some of these dirt roads that should have already been paved get paved?"


Ted Fowler


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