It’s easy to look up at the specks of light at night and yawn at them. But there’s a lot to think about if you choose.

For much of human history, the stars were the nighttime entertainment. More stars were visible in olden times without electricity lighting the nighttime landscape. Stars were navigational tools and markers of time. In the ancient world, stars were much less understood, but far more relevant to human life. We didn’t just watch them; many believed they watched us. And their alignment was seen in some cultures as deterministic of human fate. They were the backdrop for countless stories told outdoors by campfire across generations. Many of those stories involved the constellations above, where humans connected the dots of light in the sky into familiar, earthly patterns.

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Virginia Moss

What stars? I moved to the country to be able to see stars from my porch which I had never been able to do in my 65 years. I saw them for a short while until my neighbor had a street light installed on their property. No more stars. In contemplating a comprehensive plan for Madison County, I want to address light pollution; no spillover light from one property to another. I want my stars back.

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