Hello, neighbors. May is one of my favorite months of the year, year after year. December is fine, Christmas is great. I have a lot of friends with September birthdays (mine included), so it’s another enjoyable month. October is nice, too; Halloween is one of my favorite made-up holidays, and I enjoy watching terrible scary movies from the 1980s all month.

May tops the list, though. May feels lighter. I feel lighter in May, as the school year comes to a close with activities that put me at ease: relaxing outside class periods playing gagaball with the kids, Field Day, bounce-house day, awards days. It’s not all school, though. May is also pleasant because Mother Nature is just about done flexing her muscles, providing green scenery in every direction, birds already singing and busy before sun-up, even the first warm-evening thunderstorms in the distance — more on that another time.

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