Telephone — there’s a word you don’t hear any more. That little “piece-o-toast” looking device that you carry around with you everywhere you go is now called a “phone.” If you want to know something, look on your phone, which, as you probably know, is much more than a telephone. Some of you who are reading this don’t yet have a “smart phone,” that piece-of-toast I was referring to earlier. If you don’t, you probably have a “flip phone” and you probably only use it to make voice telephone calls, or perhaps you don’t have an electronic leash at all. If so, good for you. They really are not necessary to live a quiet, peaceful and happy life.

So where did the phone come from. Most of us know, but I doubt if you have given it much thought lately. In my family our first phone was in my great-grandfather’s house. We still have it in the family. It was a very small wooden box with a mouthpiece on the front and a bell-shaped receiver on the end of a cord, which hung on a little cradle on the side. It was only about half the size of a shoebox, unlike the big walnut box you see in the Cracker Barrel restaurants today. As I mentioned in an earlier article a while back, he only had the service connected during cotton season so he could keep up with the market.

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