An incident that started with a bizarre 911 call on Jan. 25 led to a two-day investigation looking into the alleged murder of a newborn infant. The investigation also included assistance from the Georgia Bureau of Investigation.

It all started when dispatch received a call that day purporting that a newborn baby had been killed at a residence on Glenn Carrie Road and that it involved a machete.

Officers were sent to the scene where a 32-year-old woman proceeded to tell them multiple stories about her baby being killed, including that it had been killed by a machete and also that it had been burned alive in a burn barrel, according to Chief Deputy Jeffery Vaughn. The entire incident turned out to be unfounded and the investigation determined that the woman’s changing stories ultimately resulted from some type of delusions about a miscarriage she had suffered while incarcerated in Clarke County last fall.

Vaughn said due to the nature of the call, every effort was made to determine whether there was any validity to the woman’s claims using multiple officers and man hours. The incident was ultimately determined to be unfounded.

In a related matter, Aaron Lee Tarbush, 18, was charged with possession and use of drug-related objects by Officer Gary Floyd after he spotted a digital scales and a baggy with white residue in the man’s fanny pack.

Floyd was dispatched to the scene regarding the baby incident and found Tarbush walking along Glenn Carrie Road. Part of the 911 call involved the mention of a machete that in the back seat of a car at the woman’s home so Floyd questioned Tarbush about whether he had a machete.

Tarbush stated that he did indeed leave his machete in a car located at a home in question because he didn't want to carry it down the road.

Floyd asked Tarbush if he would return to the home and he agreed. Floyd noted he was armed with a hand axe and a knife in his pocket, along with a large fanny pack. Floyd secured the items before allowing Tarbush to get in his patrol vehicle and while securing the items he saw a digital scale in the fanny pack. After Tarbush was cleared of any involvement in the original call, he was arrested on the drug charge.

In another incident, a Hull man was arrested last week after an off duty officer from another county called to report a man standing in Candlestick Drive with a rifle.

Gerald Bernard Smith, 23, was charged with disorderly conduct and simple assault.

Deputy Craig Vaughn was dispatched to the scene where he spoke with the complainant, who is a law officer from another county. He told Vaughn that about 3:25 p.m. on Jan. 28 his weather cam recorded a person riding a dirt bike on his property and tearing up the yard. The man said that that day he heard the dirt bike coming up the road on nearby Garnett Ward Road. When the bike turned onto Candlestick, he said he confronted the biker (Smith) and told him to say off of his property. He said Smith “looked angry” and as he was unsure of what he might do, he placed his hand on top of his pistol. Smith then allegedly told him “I know who you are” and “I got guns too.” He said Smith proceeded to pop a wheelie in the road, almost losing control of the bike, then drove off down the road.

A little while later, Smith returned to the home in a black Suburban, parking it on the roadway and got out of the vehicle with an AK pistol in his hand. The complainant said the pistol had a magazine inserted into the weapon and also had another magazine attached. The complainant said he drew his pistol and pointed it toward Smith telling him “don’t do it.”

At that point, the complainant’s wife got out of her vehicle and Smith retreated to the Suburban. The complainant and his wife both said they believed he pointed his pistol at the complainant as he retreated to his vehicle. They said that later he drove back by their home in the Suburban. The complainant was able to pull up the dash cam footage from his own vehicle and transfer it to his laptop and onto a thumb drive for Vaughn.

Smith was arrested and he told deputies that the gun was located in his garage behind some boxes. The gun was retrieved.

Other incident on file at the sheriff’s office included:

•A man on Colbert School Road reported that someone stole two drills off of his back porch. He told the responding officer that he suspected a family member of the theft.

•The owner of the Marathon Gas Station on Hwy. 29 South reported that an entire container of Pop Extra Vape Pins were missing from his store. He told Deputy Zach Brooks that he reviewed the store’s camera system and found that someone grabbed the entire container off the shelf the night before and walked out the door.

Brooks also reviewed the tape, which showed a white male wearing a blue work shirt pick up the Vape pins and run out of the store, getting into the passenger side of a black single cab Ford Ranger that was backed up to the front door of the store. The truck then took off out of the parking lot. The truck had a dirt bike in the back and two stickers on the back glass; one an Under Armor and the other a Thrasher sticker. The items were valued at $1,200.

•A woman on Rose Hill Place reported that a deer hit her car while it was parked in her yard. She said she was walking out of her residence and hit the unlock button on her car’s key fob and that just after that, the deer ran into the front of her car. There was damage to the left headlight cover, the grill and the front bumper.


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