An Athens man was arrested last week after causing a disturbance at Ingles.

Joseph Allen Bottomley, 29, Athens, was charged with disorderly conduct and public drunkenness after causing an disturbance at Ingles in Hull last week.

When Deputy Will Townsend arrived, he found Bottomley being detained by an off-duty Athens-Clarke County officer, Sgt. Von Anderson, who had Bottomley in a wrist lock until Townsend handcuffed him. Anderson said he had been in the store when he heard someone yelling and cursing loudly and made his way to the front of the store. He found that Bottomley had gone outside and he approached him in the parking lot to ask what was going on and identified himself as an off-duty officer. He said Bottomley reached for his waistband and turned away from him so he grabbed him by his arm and held him until Townsend arrived.

The store manager said Bottomley had been inside the store yelling and using profane language and as one of his employees was leaving, Bottomley reportedly followed her into the parking lot, demanding that he give her a ride home. When she refused, he became irate, yelling and cursing at her. The manager said he wanted Bottomley banned from the store indefinitely.

He was arrested and taken to jail. While in the intake room at the jail Bottomley reportedly admitted he had been using methamphetamine.

In another incident, Mark Drake, 55, of Colbert, was airlifted to Grady Memorial Hospital in Atlanta late Friday night, May 28, after his 1995 beige Pontiac Bonneville, which was traveling west on Hwy. 72 near Foote McClellan Road, hit an embankment and rolled over, entrapping Drake inside the vehicle. According to the Athens Post of the Georgia State Patrol, it appears Drake failed to maintain his lane of travel multiple times, before leaving the roadway and striking the embankment, ending up upside down. Members of the Colbert and Hull fire and rescue units, responded, along with law enforcement, and worked to removed Drake from the vehicle. The GSP says charges are pending.

Other incidents on file at the sheriff’s office this week included:

•A firearm was located in a restroom at the CVS in Hull last week. An employee found the gun in a handicap stall. Deputy Austin Shubert arrived to pick up the handgun. A GCIC search found no record of it.

As Shubert was leaving the store, he was informed a man called the store saying he had left his handgun in the restroom. Shubert had the man meet him at a nearby restaurant where the man was able to accurately describe the gun. He told Shubert he works with the landscaping crew that takes care of CVS’s lot and had been there earlier that day. He said he did not realize he left the gun until he went to another job.

•A child was reported “running loose” on Spratlin Mill Road last week. The child was located by Deputy Gary Floyd and returned to her mother unharmed.

•A man on Hwy. 29 South reported that his child’s mother was trying to hire a hitman to “take him out.” He said he heard from someone else that she had asked this person if he knew anyone that would “take him out of the picture.” He said he had attempted to talk to the mother about this but was unable to get a response.

•Two threats of juvenile suicide were reported to the sheriff’s office last week.

•A man on Hwy. 72 reported that a female friend came to visit him from Athens and that while there she stole $2,000 of cash off of his dryer. He gave Deputy Kenneth Bowen the woman’s name and address and told him what she drives, but Bowen was unable to locate her vehicle at that time.

•The CVS in Hull was reportedly damaged at the drive through. The store’s alarm went off at about 10 p.m. on May 27. An employee said he saw a broken beer bottle and rocks near the drive through window and there were two small cracks on the outside window.

•A man reported that while driving on Old Church Road he and his girlfriend noticed another vehicle driving all over the road and they followed it in an attempt to get a license plate number. At some point, the driver of the other vehicle turned around and came back and pulled up beside them and confronted them. An argument ensued, ending with the other driver striking the victim in the face multiple times with his fist. The other driver, who had left, returned to the scene and the other car had been following too closely behind he and his girlfriend and they thought they were being followed, so he made a U-turn and came back to speak with driver. He said the victim grabbed him and that’s when he punched him in the face. Due to conflicting stories and no clear primary aggressor, no arrests were made.

•A possible drug overdose with an unresponsive person was reported in Sherwood Circle.

•Disorderly conduct was reported at the Royal Food Store in Ila last week. Deputy Austin Shubert and other officers were dispatched to the scene involving multiple people. A woman told them that she pulled into the gas station to get gas in her Jeep Cherokee. She had a pregnant woman as her passenger and two small children in the backseat. While getting gas, the woman and her passenger spotted the father to the pregnant woman’s unborn child at the store. She said her friend had been attempting to contact him regarding their child but that she told her friend not to try to speak with him due to ongoing issues. The man’s mother (also at the store) came over to the passenger side window of the Jeep and began to argue with her friend. The driver, who had gotten back in the Jeep, then got out when a 16-year old girl tried to “pick a fight” with her, swinging at her three times. The father of the unborn child then jumped on the hood of the Jeep and raised his fist as if he were going to hit her (the driver).

A witness who was leaving the store said she observed the incident, including the 16-year old swinging at the driver of the Jeep.

She corroborated the Jeep driver’s account as did the video surveillance tape from the store. No arrests were made due to everyone acting disorderly towards each other and using vulgar language in front of the children. The driver and her pregnant passenger were told about the warrant and Temporary Protection Order process.


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