An Athens man was arrested on several felonies after a police chase last week in Comer.

Nelson Pierre Kelley, 29, was charged with failure to maintain lane, failure to obey traffic control device, felony fleeing or attempting to elude a police officer, reckless driving, felony theft by taking, violate family violence order and willful obstruction of law enforcement officers.

On Oct. 5 just after midnight, an officer was dispatched to Sims Kidd Road after someone reported that Kelley had arrived at a location there in a 2007 BMW he had allegedly stolen the day before. The caller also said Kelley was leaving the home at that time and that they assumed he would be traveling back toward Athens.

The officers spotted the vehicle and observed several traffic violations before Kelley spotted him and began to evade them. The pursuit headed toward Colbert on Hwy. 72 with speeds exceeding 106 mph. Another officer was in the area and was able to deploy spike strips on Hwy. 72 just before Kelley reached the red light in Colbert. The suspect continued to try to flee after several tires were disabled before pulling over and attempting to flee on foot. Officers were eventually able to subdue him and take him into custody. The stolen vehicle was towed and the owner was notified.

Other incidents on file last week included:

A man in his mid 40s suffered serious injuries after being struck by a vehicle while riding a three-wheel bicycle on Hwy. 72 at Country Living Mobile Home Park at 9:09 a.m., Oct. 1.

According to the 911 report, the man was bleeding from his arms and legs and unable to feel his feet.

•A stack house fire was reported across from Moons Farm at Zetta Lee Johnson Road at noon Sept. 30.

•A chicken house fire was reported on Rogers Mill Road at 10:46 p.m., Monday, Oct. 11. Ila, Danielsville, Neese-Sanford and Hull volunteer fire departments responded.

•A driver ran the stop sign at Hwy. 72 and HV Chandler Road at 5:18 p.m., Oct. 5. All occupants were taken to an Athens hospital. The driver at fault said the carpet in her vehicle prevented her from applying the brakes properly.

•A driver reported dizziness after a rear-end accident at Hwy. 29 at the Word of Life Gospel Church Sept. 28.

•Terroristic threats and acts were reported on Shoal Creek Road last week. On Oct. 6, a man called and said his son had threatened him and was possibly armed with a knife but that everyone at the home was currently separated.

The son came to the door with a claw hammer sticking out of his left front pocket. The hammer was removed from him and he was questioned. The son said he didn’t know what was going on and became somewhat confrontational with deputies. He denied he had been arguing with his parents. After a short struggle, the deputy was able to handcuff him for officer safety while he interviewed the father and a woman at the home.

They told him that the son has been a problem and had threatened them that day and on previous occasions saying he would kill both of them if he had a gun. They said the argument began when the father refused to take him to buy marijuana.

Since there were no witnesses, the son was unable to be charged and they were urged to seek a Temporary Protection Order (TPO) against the son. They were also told they needed to speak with a judge about obtaining a mental health evaluation for the son. Due to insufficient probable cause, the son was then released from handcuffs and all parties were advised to stay separate for the evening.

•A couple on Bedford Drive reported that their 40-year son was missing since the previous evening, that he is insulin dependent and had not taken his medication with him and had recently been seriously ill. He also reportedly texted a female friend the previous day and said he “wanted to take pills to end it.” He was placed on the missing person’s list, his cell phone was pinged and a lookout was issued to surrounding agencies.

•A woman on Hwy. 29 North reported that a pack of five dogs who belong to a neighbor attacked and killed two of her pet cats over a two-day period. One of the cats was injured so badly that she had to have it euthanized by a vet, costing her $265. She said the dogs have been an ongoing problem and she is also concerned about her small grandson playing outside. The animal control officer located the two homes where the dogs were, but was unable to locate any owners at the home. The woman identified the dogs from photos the officer took of them. s

•A couple reported that that a teenage granddaughter who lives with them acts out and is extremely disorderly, screaming at and hitting her grandfather. There have been multiple incidents at the home regarding the teen and the grandparents are in fear of her, according to the report. There were four calls regarding the child’s escalating behavior within 14 hours with significant concern regarding the girl’s elderly guardians. The juvenile was detained per the juvenile court judge’s instructions.

•A woman on Irvin Kirk Road reported that her estranged husband sent her a disturbing video “out of the blue” on Oct. 9. The video had a male, identified as her husband by the woman, holding a semi-automatic handgun and shooting a turtle. The turtle was seen in the video as helpless on its back. The turtle was heard “screaming” on his approach and the suspect pointed the weapon at the helpless turtle. Suspect then stated “now we lay down and sleep m(*&^% f*&%$#!” He then proceeded to shoot the animal, which could be heard screaming in pain until it apparently died from the gun shot. Suspect then said “got your p(**^ @$$”.”

The woman sent a message back to her husband telling him not to send videos of that sort to her. She further stated that she knew that her husband is a convicted felon and thought that he had been convicted on drug offenses. She said she has been trying to get a protection order against him as they go through a divorce, but has been denied.

•A woman on Hwy. 191 reported that her dog was shot by her neighbor on Oct. 8. The animal control officer was sent to investigate.


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