An Athens man was arrested on sexual battery charges last week following an incident on Madison Boulevard in Colbert.

Timothy Maurice Smith, no age listed, was charged with one count of sexual battery against a child under 16.

Deputy Gary Floyd was dispatched to the home where he met with a 15-year old girl and her mother. The girl stated that she went inside her aunt’s residence and heard that the offender (Smith) had a new kitten. She said when she went to see the kitten, the offender grabbed her buttocks and asked her “when are you gonna let me hit that &*((%.” He then reportedly told her that her aunt was not going to be there the next day and that they could be alone. The girl left the room and told her mother what had happened and she called 911. Floyd spoke to the alleged offender who said that he was sitting on the steps to his room when he stood up and “bumped” the victim and that he “guessed” it had been on the butt. He said he did not know she was 15 and denied making any sexual statements to her. Smith was arrested and taken to jail. He remains in jail on a $8,350 bond.

In another incident, Jordan Grimes, no age listed, of Danielsville, was charged with aggravated assault following an fight in progress call on Fred Goss Road last week. Deputy Kenneth Bowen was dispatched to the scene where he was told by a witness that two people were fighting behind the residence. Bowen saw the victim on top of Grimes, who he had in a headlock. The victim told him Grimes was high on methamphetamine. Bowen placed Grimes in handcuffs and told him he was being detained while he conducted an investigation.

Grimes was wearing only boxer shorts and cowboy boots. The victim told Bowen that Grimes had a baseball bat before the fight started. Grimes admitted to using methamphetamine about 3 a.m. and said he had a bad reaction to and had called an ambulance. He said he was so “out of it” that he refused to go to the hospital and was later locked out of the residence. He said that he was worried about his 3-year old daughter who was asleep inside the home so he picked up a baseball bat and intended to break a window so he could get inside.

Other incidents on file at the sheriff’s office included:

•At least one drug overdose was reported in the county last week.

•A woman on Poca Road reported that someone busted out the glass on her French doors leading from her bedroom onto the back deck. Deputy Joseph Rutledge located a broken piece of cinderblock just inside the door.

Rutledge told her that it appeared to have been an act of vandalism rather that a burglary attempt. The door was solid glass from top to bottom and if someone wanted to make entry they could have easily done so by removing the remaining glass and stepped through. The woman stated that it is possibly retaliation from her great granddaughter stemming from an incident in which she was removed from the home.

•A woman on Old Danielsville Road reported that someone stole her black Toyota Rav-4 from her yard. She said the keys were not in the vehicle. She said she was one payment behind on the vehicle and that another payment was now due. Deputy Joe Rutledge tried to contact the lienholder but was unable to make contact.

•Deputy Joshua Rice was dispatched to the Danielsville Corner Store regarding suspected narcotics that had been found in the parking lot. He met with a man there who showed him a hypodermic needle and plastic bag he said he found in the parking lot. The plastic bag appeared to contain suspected methamphetamine residue and dried blood. The items were taken and disposed of.

•A missing person was reported on Nowhere Road last week. A woman there told Deputy Kenneth Bowen that her son was a 23-year old male diagnosed with schizophrenia. She said he is under his father’s guardianship and that on Nov. 5 about 4:20 p.m. he left his grandmother’s home on his bicycle. He does this sometimes, she said, to “get away.” She spoke to him several hours later by phone and could hear heavy traffic in the background but he said he was not far from home but that he never returned. He was placed on the state’s missing and endangered person’s list. It was also noted that he had mapped out the location of several monasteries.

•Someone reportedly stole two 24-count cans of Bud Light from the Golden Pantry on Hwy. 29 South in Hull last week. The suspect was a short black male wearing a black hoodie and black pants who got into a small dark four-door car.

•Deputy Kenneth Bowen was dispatched to Adams Clarke Road last week regarding a possible suicide attempt. Once there he met with a man who had allegedly cut himself with a knife on the arm. He was standing outside with a woman and his young child. There were also two men on scene who the victim was arguing with. He told Bowen he did not intentionally harm himself but had cut himself while trying to cut a plastic pipe. The woman said the victim had recently been given a criminal trespass warning. She said that that on this day he had come to the home and entered through the back door without permission and became angry when she refused to talk to him and grabbed a pocket knife and cut himself on the forearm. The man was taken by ambulance to the hospital for treatment and a warrant will be sought for criminal trespass family violence.

•Two storage buildings on Rock Quarry Road were broken into last week. A weed eater and other items were reportedly stolen.


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