An Athens woman was arrested on a drug charge last week after she called 911 to report that her male companion had overdosed on heroin.

Hannah Diane Scarborough, 21, was charged with one count of possession of a Schedule I Controlled Substance.

Deputy Gabe Dalton and Deputy Jacob Loggins arrived at a location on Arthur Road in Hull where a woman (Scarborough) was waiting to guide them to the person experiencing the overdose.

She led officers to a dilapidated wooden building located approximately 60 yards inside a forested area off of Arthur Road. Inside the building they made contact with the victim lying on his back inside a tent in the building and with the victim’s father. They noted that the victim had extremely labored breathing and other signs of an overdose. They carried him to the road where they were met by EMS personnel who administered Narcan to reverse the overdose.

Scarborough told officers she does not use illegal narcotics and that her companion had gotten the heroin from someone named “Brittany.”

While speaking to Scarborough, Dalton observed her to be extremely gaunt and have numerous open sores on her lower facial area. He also observed a slight bulge in her right leggings pocket. Scarborough was asked if she currently possessed illegal items on her person and she denied it. She was asked to empty her pockets and a plastic bag tied with a knot was in her pocket. It contained a substance determined to be heroin.

She continued to deny ownership of the substance and insisted the pants she was wearing were not hers.

She was arrested and taken to jail.

In another arrest, Stephen Wesley Barfield, 51, of Colbert, was charged with “dangerous drug defined,” drugs not in original container and pedestrian under the influence by Cpl. Joshua Smith after someone reported that a white male (Barfield) was “throwing firecrackers” at passing vehicles. The report did not indicate whether Barfield had any firecrackers on him. He was found with a brown paper sack containing an alcoholic drink in it.

Other arrests on file last week included:

•Michael David Barnett, 49, Athens, parole violation.

•John William Baxter, 45, Hull, probation violation.

•David Shamar Burgess, Jr., 27, Athens, driving while license suspended or revoked, failure to maintain lane, fleeing or attempting to elude a police officer, and reckless conduct and two counts of probation violation.

•Chamaco Dantrell Cunningham, 31, Lexington, battery-family violence, criminal trespass family violence and two counts of third degree cruelty to children.

•Tonya Elaine Daniel, 39, Danielsville, possession of methamphetamine.

•April Lynn Hart, 35, Royston, possession and use of drug-related objects and possession of methamphetamine.

•Christopher Correiro Mota, 29, Athens, battery-family violence.

•Jamie Christopher Pines, 32, Danielsville, three counts of battery-family violence.

•Tina Jene Riggins, 39, Hull, public drunkenness and simple battery.

•Darrell Glenn Robinson, 39, Comer, grand jury arrest warrant.

•Keegan Mikel Ruple, 28, Colbert, two counts of battery-family violence.

•Roy Melvin Self, Jr., 47, Hull, entering auto or other motor vehicle with intent to commit theft or felony, possession of a Schedule IV Controlled Substance and unlawful for jail inmate to possess any controlled substance, drugs, gun or dangerous items.

•Brandon James Silman, 32, Hull, probation violation.

•Joe William Sorrow, Jr., 57, Bowman, display of license plates, possession of a Schedule I Controlled Substance and three counts of probation violation.

•Christopher Michael Tarver, 44, Comer, two counts of failure to appear and one count of a probation violation.

•Amanda Jean Whitsel, 59, Athens, criminal trespass-family violence.

•Vicki Marie Ankerich, 61, Danielsville, first degree felony burglary, possession of a Schedule II Controlled Substance, possession of a Schedule IV Controlled Substance (two counts) and possession of methamphetamine.

•Shane Bridges, 46, Jefferson, first degree felony burglary.

•Claire Sarah Coman, 24, Lexington, DUI/alcohol and failure to drive within a single lane.

•Jeremy Lorin Fitzpatrick, 37, Danielsville, felony theft by taking.

•Kenzivian Neaventa Harper, 26, Athens, driving without headlights when required, driving without a license, improper backing, possession and use of drug-related objects and purchase, possession, manufacture, distribution or sale of marijuana.

•Dondre Earlon Hughes, 26, Atlanta, DUI/drugs, marijuana possession less than an ounce and tag light illumination required.

•Shannon Marie Lester, 47, Comer, hold for Arcade Police Department.

•Manuel Ricardo Nunez, 48, Danielsville, hold for another county.

•Kristin Meeks Tatum, 36, Buford, second degree criminal damage to property.

•Sarah Marie Thibodeaux, 27, Danielsville, disorderly conduct.


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