Zakira Allen

An Athens woman was arrested for aggravated assault last week.

Zakira Lache Allen, 20, Athens, was charged with three counts of aggravated assault by Deputy Tracy Rucker following an accident on Hwy. 172 at Goss Road.

When Rucker arrived at the scene, a man there told him that “his girlfriend (Allen) almost killed him and his friends.”

He said that he and Allen and two friends were on their way to Hartwell to go to work, when during the drive he and Allen got into a heated argument. She allegedly grabbed the steering wheel and yanked it to the right causing it to leave the road and he had to maneuver the car back onto the road.

He said at that point he stopped the car and ordered Allen to get out, then got out and pulled her out of the car.

He said the two began to tussle outside the car and Allen pepper sprayed him. He said he got back in the car to try to “get his wits” about him when he felt Allen pull the lever to pop the trunk open. He said he just put the car in drive and went up the road to a safe area before calling 911 call. Rucker noted there were front passenger side damages to the car.

In another incident, Ellen Elizabeth Colton-Norveisas, 50, of Danielsville, was charged with criminal trespass.

Deputy Duston Stanley was dispatched to a home on Colbert-Danielsville Road regarding Colton-Norveisas trespassing on the property

The resident said she had been there but left before Stanley got there. He said she showed up and started beating on the door and when he opened it she told him to just give her five minutes of his time, then asked for a cigarette. He said he told her he had to leave and he called 911.

Stanley then went to a nearby residence where he knew Colton-Norveisas had been staying. When he arrived he found the door wide open and a glass door had been shattered with glass everywhere.

He also noted that a car parked by the door had its back glass broken out with a brick laying in the backseat. He went inside, identifying himself as law enforcement, and found Colton-Norveisas lying on the floor. She told him she had been asleep. She said she knew she was not supposed to be at the other residence but still went over there anyway for “just a minute.”

When Stanley asked about the door being shattered and wide open to the house she informed him she had no idea why it was like that. He then asked her about the car window being broke out and she told him she did not do that either. Two males who were also in the house also said they had no idea what happened.

She was arrested on the trespassing after she had been told to stay away from the other residence.

Other incidents on file at the sheriff’s office this week included:

•Pansy Marie Cowart, 44, homeless, was charged with crossing state/county guard lines with weapons, intoxicants, drugs without consent, marijuana possession less than an ounce, possession and use of drug-related objects, possession of methamphetamine with intent to distribute, willful obstruction of law enforcement officers and theft by shoplifting. Deputy Gabe Dalton was dispatched to the Dollar General on Hanley Road regarding a woman shoplifting.

She (Cowart) had left in a gray Dodge Caravan and traveled east on Moon’s Grove Church Road and the complainant said they believed she was traveling to Car Quest in Danielsville.

Dalton noted he was familiar with Cowart and knew her to have received a criminal trespass warning from Corporal Joshua Smith the day before for shoplifting at the Family Dollar store in Hull.

She was pulled over in a traffic stop and Dalton went to interview her. She denied taking anything from the store. A Dollar General bag was laying on the passenger seat. She kept her right hand in the floor area to the right of her seat and refused to show her hand or to get out despite being told five times to do so before she did. She informed Dalton that he was not going to search her vehicle and attempted to get back inside. She was arrested at that point for obstruction.

Sergeant Greg Bryson travelled to the Dollar General on Hanley Road and confirmed that a green in color Flexi Torch lighter (valued at $5) had been taken. A lighter matching that was found in Cowart’s purse and appeared to be new. The van was found to have hypodermic needles, drugs and other drug paraphernalia inside.

•James Kirby Haley Jr., 33, of Colbert, was charged with felony theft by receiving stolen property, willful obstruction of officers and two counts of probation violation.

Cpl. Zach Brooks returned to Merry Lane to follow up on a theft report he had taken earlier in the shift when he was informed that the suspect in the case (Haley) was back at the location.

He made contact with the complainant in the theft case who said that Haley was in a camper in the woods.

Brooks and another officer walked over to the camper and made contact with Haley’s mother and girlfriend. They said Haley was there but had left when he saw the patrol cars. While they were checking the woods around the camper they found a hunting blind just inside the tree line. When Brooks looked inside the blind he saw a red motorcycle inside it, and noted that officers were looking for a red motorcycle that had been stolen.

When officers removed the hunting blind, they found Haley hiding beside the motorcycle. Brooks held Haley at Taser point and gave him verbal commands to show his hands. When Brooks attempted to grab Haley by his left hand to arrest him for an active warrant he jerked away and fled on foot into the woods. Brooks gave chase and fired his Taser at Haley’s lower back. Haley fell to the ground, rolled over onto his back and stopped moving.

He refused to roll back over and put his hands behind his back, then tensed up and tried to pull his arms away from officers. Brooks used his Taser on Haley again and handcuffed him before the second cycle lost effect.

Haley was not injured during the altercation, according to the report. Investigators took possession of the stolen motorcycle.


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