An Athens woman was arrested last week after she was found wandering around on someone’s property in a drunken state.

Tracey Ann Brenning, 30, was charged with one count of public drunk.

Deputy Kenneth Bowen was dispatched to Sweetgum Alley in Hull regarding an intoxicated person. He found Brenning trying to hide behind a tree on the property. The caller was also present. Bowen asked Brenning to come and talk to him and he noticed that as she walked toward him that her pants were partially unzipped and unbuttoned. Her hair was disheveled and she was holding a bottle of whiskey.

She was very intoxicated, according to the report and unable to tell Bowen how she got the location. She also fell several times.

The complainant told Bowen that the woman came onto his property and began knocking on his door and spat on the porch several times. While Bowen was on scene she began to be belligerent and yell at people in the neighborhood.

In another incident, Cissy Michelle Lipscomb, 41, of Hull, was charged with one count of aggravated assault. Deputy Carolyn Gibson was dispatched to Ed Coile Road regarding a verbal dispute called in by a neighbor.

Gibson arrived to find two women sitting outside of one of the mobile homes. One of the women (Lipscomb) who was smoking a cigarette told Gibson that there was an argument between her and her 21-year old son. The son had walked away, she said, but she was able to show Gibson his ID.

Lipscomb said the argument was over her 63-year old mother missing her debit card and that the bank had called and said there was a $41 charge on the card from a florist. Lipscomb said she believed her son had stolen the card and made the transaction to buy flowers for his girlfriend. When her son came home in the car he had borrowed from her, she questioned him about the missing card and purchase. He denied having anything to do with it and got his wallet out to show her he didn’t have it. From there, the argument escalated and she threw the wallet on the ground and tried to strike him. She then reportedly got a BB gun and hit him with that but she didn’t think the gun had gone off. The girlfriend was also there trying to get between them. The girlfriend said that Lipscomb fired several shots with one striking him in the back of the head and twice in a leg. She said she also hit him with the handle of the gun. Gibson found the son walking along Crabapple Hollow Road and he showed her marks where he had been struck with the BB gun.

Other incidents on file at the sheriff’s office this week included:

•A woman on Jot-Em-Down Road reported to Deputy Joseph Rutledge that she was currently in the hospital because she had been strangled by her boyfriend. Rutledge told her to contact the sheriff’s office when she was discharged and later that day he met with her on Hillwood Drive to take her complaint.

She told him that the day before she was getting ready to leave her home on Jot-Em-Down Road to go to work when her live in boyfriend told her that he needed her car and was going to keep it. An argument ensued and he strangled her, reportedly while she was holding her 2-year old son at the time and her 7-year old looked on. She said she felt as if she were going to die. She relented and let him keep the car and once he dropped her off at work her throat began hurting so she called her mother to take her to the hospital. She was advised to seek a Temporary Protection Order (TPO) and Rutledge told her he would be seeking warrants on her boyfriend.

•A suicide attempt was reported in the county.

•The Madison County 911 office was contacted by the sheriff’s office in Candler County, SC about a couple who reportedly stole a two-week old bottle-fed calf off the side of the interstate in their county. They said there was video surveillance of the incident as well as a description of their dark gray SUV. They said the vehicle had been traced to a home on McGinnis Chandler Road in Madison County and requested the couple be contacted to either turn themselves in in Candler County or be arrested in Madison County and extradited to SC. They were known to be traveling with a red calf with a white dot in the center of its forehead. The couple was contacted and agreed to turn themselves in to Candler County.

•A wreck on Hwy. 72 Saturday afternoon at Comer city limits resulted in 11 injuries with six being transported to the hospital.

•A Friday afternoon chase on Hwy. 72 ended with a car crash and a juvenile being taken into custody.

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