An Athens woman was arrested last week for shoplifting at the Colbert Dollar General.

Elysia Dawn Green, 38, was charged with theft by shoplifting and willful obstruction of law enforcement officers.

Deputy Joshua Rice was dispatched to the store where he found that Sheriff Michael Moore and a DNR officer had made contact with the suspects.

Sheriff Moore had her handcuffed and her companion was standing in the doorway of the store. Moore took the stolen items from Green’s purse and returned them to the store. The stolen items totaled $72 and store management said they did wish to prosecute. The store staff said they did not believe her companion was involved the thefts so he was not arrested. Rice advised her that she was under arrest and barred from the store for two years.

Sheriff Moore told Rice that Green tried to run from him when he attempted to make contact with her.

In another incident, Anna Marie Melton, 21, of Danielsville, was charged with failure to appear and willful obstruction of law enforcement officers. Deputy Joshua Smith was dispatched to Diamond Hill – Neese Road about 2 a.m. regarding a man and woman screaming and hollering.

He and other officers were unable to locate the couple who were said to be walking in the area.

About 2:37 a.m. they were called back to the scene again for the same reason. Smith made contact with a woman (Melton) wearing all black and walking in the grass alongside a set of storage buildings. She said she and her boyfriend were walking around and got into an argument. She said they had recently been kicked out of where they were staying. The boyfriend had fled the scene, but Smith noted he is familiar with the man from previous encounters involving active warrants and fleeing from officers.

Melton was found to have a failure-to-appear warrant and arrested on that charge.

As he went to place her in the patrol car, she ran from him into the middle of Hwy. 106 fleeing from him.

She ran up and an embankment and fell on her face and stomach. As he escorted her back to the car, she ran again and fell into the ditch and got one hand out of the handcuffs.

She began hollering loudly for “Spook” (a nickname for her boyfriend) and Smith heard items hitting in the road behind him. Smith was unable to get a view of the boyfriend as he had lost his eyeglasses in the struggle with Melton.

He called 911 for backup. Several sticks and a large rock were thrown at him with none striking him as he waited for backup. The boyfriend was not located at this time but warrants were issued.

Other incidents on file at the sheriff’s office last week included:

•An overdose victim was found in the parking lot of Rogers Church. Drugs and drug paraphernalia was found in the vehicle and the victim was transported to the hospital.

•A deputy was dispatched to force entry into a home on Irvin Kirk Road due to a medical call so that EMS could gain access to a victim.

•A vicious dog was reported on Poca Road.

•A man who lives on Sims Kidd Road reported that he had received an email from the state corporation division that stated he is the registered owner of a business. He said he believed his identity had been stolen. He was told to forward the email to the sheriff’s office for further investigation.

•A man in a black Ford F-150 drove off without paying for $10 worth of gas at the Food Mart on Hwy. 98.

•A gun cabinet containing 30 loaded firearms and two TVs were stolen from a home on Willis Glenn Road last week while the homeowners were on vacation. A relative discovered the door kicked in when he came to care for the couple’s dog. Video surveillance from a nearby location showed a small pickup truck enter the residence between the times when the caretaker was there.

•A 2011 Ford F-250 was reportedly stolen from a home on Rose Hill Place.

•A 2020 Dodge 1500 was entered through an unlocked door while in the homeowner’s driveway on Lola Street in Colbert. The owner provided video surveillance which showed a black male wearing a gray hoodie, dark pants and black shoes with white bottoms, a black baseball hat, white gloves and a red bandana over his face open the door of the truck. Nothing was reported missing.

•A 2013 Toyota Scion XB was stolen from a home on Gatewood Drive last week. The owner said the car was parked just outside the garage with the keys in the ignition. Multiple tool bags and tools were inside the vehicle, along with his wallet and other miscellaneous items.

•Firearms were stolen from a Ford F-150 on Linda Street in Colbert last week. The vehicle was unlocked.


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