A burn ban is in place through Sept. 30, prohibiting citizens and businesses from burning yard and land-clearing debris during the summer ozone season.

This is in addition to the rule that prohibits the burning of household garbage. Burning household garbage is never allowed anywhere in Georgia. Recreational activities such as campfires and grilling are exempt from the open burning ban. A permit is required for burning all-natural vegetation that is hand piled, including:

•Leaf piles on the premises that they fall

•Existing small clearings to plant vegetable and flower gardens

•Vegetative debris disposal from storm damage, weed abatement, disease and/or pest prevention

The burning of machine-piled natural vegetation and area burning require additional steps. A hand-piled permit does not include the burning of debris generated by machine clearing of an area for the purpose of establishing a garden spot or land clearing. This type of activity is considered a land type change and is subject to the EPD land clearing burning rules and may require the use of an Air Curtain Destructor depending on the county in which you live. Those planning such a burn should contact their local county office of GFC.

To obtain a burn permit, call 1-877-OK2-BURN (652-2876). Madison County residents with specific questions may call the Northeast District Office (Athens): 706-369-6376.

For more information about alternatives to burning, such as composting and chipping, please visit https://epd.georgia.gov/…/open-burning…/alternatives-burning.

Debris can also be hauled to a commercial processing/grinding/composting operation or to an inert or construction and demolition landfill. For a list of landfills in your area, call EPD’s Solid Waste Management Program at 404-362-2692 and/or visit the Land Protection Branch website for more details: http://epd.georgia.gov/land-protection-branch


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