A Canon man was arrested last week after he allegedly tried to run a woman off the road.

Curtis Eric McGarity, 49, was charged with aggressive driving and hit and run; duty of driver to stop at or return to scene of an accident.

Officer Gary Floyd was dispatched to the area of Hwy. 174 and Hwy. 29 North after a call was placed to 911 by a frantic driver, who stated she was being followed by a shaggy-haired man in a black convertible. She said he was flashing his lights and pulling up alongside her trying to make her pull over.

The woman made it to her house and said that her father was pursuing the convertible at that point. The father then caught up with him and called 911 with a partial license plate. He followed the car to the Franklin County line and dispatch transferred the call to Franklin County.

Floyd was later notified that Franklin County Sheriff’s officers had stopped the convertible.

The woman told Floyd that she drove by a gas station in Royston and noticed the convertible pull out and get behind her. The man continued to follow her until she called 911, flashing his lights, tailgating her and pulling alongside her. She then dropped the call with 911 and called her father. When she reached New Haven Church Road on Hwy. 174, she said that the convertible hit her car in the right bumper causing her to almost lose control, then attempted to pull in front of her to block her but she maneuvered around him and got to her home safely.

Her father stated he followed McGarity until he reached Evangelical Church’s parking lot where he pulled over. The father said he confronted him there and McGarity sped off when he told him he was calling 911.

In an earlier incident, an ex-girlfriend reported that McGarity allegedly followed her and confronted her when she stopped to get gas on Hwy. 29 South at the Golden Pantry in Hull.

The woman said McGarity came out of nowhere and began hitting her and trying to get her car keys. She received a small cut to one of her fingers during the scuffle.

She said he also spat in her face. A witness saw the altercation and came to her assistance. The witness said she saw the man hitting the woman and trying to get her keys so she told him to leave and then assisted the victim into the store and called 911. The victim said she and McGarity had been broken up for about four weeks. She declined to press charges, saying that McGarity was on probation and she didn’t want to get him into trouble. She was explained the Temporary Protection Order and the warrant process in case she changed her mind. A short time later, she called 911 to report that McGarity was calling her and harassing her at work. She was told to call the agency in the county where she worked for assistance.

Other incidents on file at the sheriff’s office last week included:

•Deputy Adam Arnold was dispatched to check on a Hull-Sanford student since school officials have been unable to contact her or her guardian since school was dismissed early. Due to past incidents with the student at school, they requested Arnold take some student work with him, make contact with someone and ensure the juvenile was all right.

•Several suicide attempts were reported around the county last week.

•Several runway juveniles were reported around the county last week.

•A white Nissan Maxima was reported stolen from a Colbert home on North 5th Avenue last week.

The vehicle was found a short distance away nose down in a ditch. The victim believed that a girl staying at her house had stolen the car, but the girl denied it and there were no arrests made at the time.


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