Someone on Williams Wilson Road reported last week that a man who came to test drive a car he had for sale ended up stealing it, leaving another stolen car in its place.

A man on Williams Wilson Road reported that a white male about 18 to 20 years of age, with brown hair, goatee and wearing blue jeans and a white or gray T-shirt, came to his home and wanted to drive a 2010 Mercury Milan that they had for sale. The owner said he agreed to let him drive the car but rode with him. The male drove to a nearby pawn shop to show the car to someone he knew. When he couldn’t make contact with that person he drove back to the owner’s residence. The man allegedly told the owner that he wanted to buy the car and asked him to go inside his home and get the title and they would ride to his house and get the money. While the owner was inside getting the title, the man allegedly drove off with the car.

The suspect drove a black 2018 Nissan Sentra to the owner’s home and left it there when he stole the Mercury.

When deputy Joseph Rutledge ran the tag on the Sentra, he discovered that it too was listed as a stolen vehicle out of Athens-Clarke County. The Mercury is described as a dark green Mercury Milan four-door with bright pink lettering stating “BEF” set inside pink antlers on the rear window.

Other incidents on file at the sheriff’s office this week included:

•A man drove off with a gas nozzle stuck in his open gas tank at the Golden Pantry on Hwy. 29 South in Hull last week. According to the store clerk, the man, a short black male driving a newer model Chevy Camaro came in a paid cash for gas at two pumps. She said she then heard the car speed off, with the hose and nozzle still attached to the gas tank of the car. A passerby reported they saw the man get out of the car at the intersection of Old Danielsville Road, remove the nozzle and throw it in the ditch. The Camaro proceeded toward Clarke County. The clerk said she contacted the store manager who said “this happens all the time” and that the hoses have a connector that detaches. The nozzle and hose were returned to the on duty staff and Deputy Austin Shubert noted that he observed no damage to the nozzle, hose or gas pump. The store requested a report be on file.

•A deputy was called to a residence on Hwy. 172 after a juvenile was in medical distress after apparently “hit a dab pen” (which is similar to a vape pen) and become disoriented and shaking.

•A woman on Fenway Drive reported that her wallet was missing from her unlocked park parked at her home overnight on Oct. 22. She said the wallet was under the seat when she parked the car around 9:30 p.m. She told Deputy Gary Floyd that the wallet contained her driver’s license and credit cards and that she already canceled her credit cards.

•A 16-year old runaway juvenile was reported on Wildcat Bridge Road. The Hispanic male was entered in the states missing persons’ list.

•A possible drug overdose was reported twice in the county last week.

•A handgun was reportedly found by a passerby in the idle on Black’s Creek Church Road near the Jackson County line. The gun was loaded with one round in the chamber. It was placed in an evidence locker at the sheriff’s office.

•A man on Spratlin Mill Road reported that he found what a white rock on his property that he believed to be crack cocaine. He said the found the rock on top of the breaker box outside his son’s apartment. He said he believes his son left it there and has already been given a criminal trespass warning from his property. He also said he has video of the son being on the property on several occasions since the warning was issued. He said his wife has emailed the videos to Investigator Sam Beard but hasn’t spoken with him. The white rock was taken by Deputy Joseph Rutledge to be destroyed.

•A man was issued a criminal trespass warrant after he allegedly struck another man with his car on Railroad Avenue in Carlton causing him to be thrown onto the hood.

•A couple on Jot-Em-Down Road reported a possible fraud. Sgt. Mark Goodson responded and the couple told him that earlier in the day they received a $4,000 check from a man regarding work/services they provided to the man. They said the man told them not to cash the check but to deposit it instead, which raised some concerns for them.

They went to the credit union the check was drawn from in an attempt to deposit it and were told it was fraudulent and advised to file a report. The check had several errors that included the following: the address of the bank was missing, the man’s information had errors that were printed on the top left side of the check, the date was missing when the check was written and a few other typo errors. They further stated that the credit union told them that this man is known to be writing fraudulent checks for work that has been done from businesses and individuals across the metro area.


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