A Carlton man was arrested on family violence and theft charges last week after a stolen vehicle was reported on Paoli Road.

Antwan Oliver, 37, was charged with battery family violence, fleeing or attempting to elude a police officer and felony theft by taking.

Oliver’s girlfriend reported that he had stolen her brother’s red 2007 Ford Ranger from her house without her permission. She said they were arguing about ongoing issues when he became physical with her and threatened to punch her, then placed his fist hard up against her ear and cheek, then snatched the keys out of her pants pocket and took off. A witness who lives in a camper behind the residence witnessed the violence and the theft.

Another deputy pursued Oliver on Hwy. 72 along with other officers which ended in a crash in Elbert County after officers applied spike strips to the roadway and he hit a flatbed truck. Oliver fled on foot and had to be tasered by Elbert County officers in order to be apprehended. He was taken to Madison County Jail after observation for low blood sugar at the Elbert County hospital.

In another incident, Sheri Denise Smith, 53, of Comer, was charged with two counts of felony terroristic threats and acts after a woman reported being threatened and harassed over messages.

The woman told a deputy that she sold $175 in raffle fun tickets to Smith over Facebook Messenger. About a week later, Smith requested that her money be returned to her and wanted to give back the tickets since she had been unable to sell them. The caller said she did not feel comfortable returning the money and when she told Smith this, Smith began sending her FB messages “cussing, insulting and threatening her” with bodily harm. She also allegedly threatened to shoot her and blow her up.

She said had received over 200 messages just from that day alone.

Smith also allegedly reached out to the woman’s family friend also requesting a refund. When the friend refused, she also began sending this person threatening messages. The caller provided Smith’s Oglethorpe County address and phone number.

The deputy was also able to listen to recordings of the calls.

The women told the deputy they had agreed to meet Smith at the Dollar General in Comer at 7:30 p.m. that day to exchange tickets for another set that Smith could possibly sell. The deputy told them they were not going to do that to protect their own safety and he made Comer Police aware of what kind of car Smith would be driving. The deputy also went to the area. No contact was made with Smith.

A warrant was issued for Smith and Oglethorpe officers went to her address and took her into custody. She was transferred to Madison County at the county line and booked into jail.

•Residents on Reed Brawner Road reported that three stray dogs entered their garage after their cat and bit and clawed gouge marks and punctures on two tires. They requested that animal control find and confiscate the dogs.


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