Chadwick Michael Bryant

Chadwick Michael Bryant

A Carlton man was arrested for kidnapping and a myriad of other charges last week after he allegedly forced his girlfriend into a car at a gas station parking lot.

Chadwick Michael Bryant, 44, was charged with aggravated stalking, third-degree cruelty to children, driving while license suspended or revoked, kidnapping, simple battery family violence, battery family violence and obstruction or hindering persons making emergency phone call.

Deputy Mason Bennett was dispatched to the Valero gas station on Hwy. 98 West after a customer came in and told a clerk to call the police saying she had witnessed a woman being dragged across the parking lot and thrown into a Jeep with the back glass busted out and that it drove off.

Another officer spotted the Jeep after it stopped in a driveway on Hwy. 98 and he reported that the driver and passenger were getting out.

While the other officer spoke with the driver (Bryant), Bennett spoke with the victim, who at first told him that nothing had happened, they were just arguing. She said they had pulled into the driveway hoping they wouldn’t be followed by officers. Bennett looked inside the Jeep and saw a small child in the back seat.

After speaking with the clerk by phone, Bennett learned that she hadn’t seen anything except the Jeep driving away and that there wasn’t anything on the store’s camera system.

At this point Bryant was placed under arrest for driving on a suspended license and placed in a patrol car.

Once he was placed in the patrol car, Bennett asked the victim again what happened. She began to cry and told the officers that she and Bryant began arguing so she had him pull over at the gas station, where she planned to have someone pick up her and her son. When she refused to get back in, Bryant allegedly grabbed her by the arm and leg and forced her into the jeep against her will. She said this wasn’t the first time she has been in fear for her and her child’s safety.

Dispatch informed the officers that Bryan was out on bond for simple assault with a no contact order with the victim.

Bryant was then informed of the other charges against him and taken to jail.

In another arrest, Anthony Eric Adams, 31, of Danielsville, was arrested for felony driving while license suspended or revoked (fourth or subsequent offense), driving on the wrong side of an undivided street, expired or no registration or title, failure to maintain insurance, failure to obey a stop sign, hit and run; duty of driver to stop at or return to the scene of a crime, reckless driving and speeding.

On May 28, Deputy Joshua Smith spotted a motorcycle traveling west on Hwy. 98 at a high rate of speed and clocked it at 88 mph in a 55 mph zone.

Smith pursued the motorcycle, which had two occupants. As he topped a hill he saw the motorcycle “aggressively” turn onto Furnace Creek Road.

Due to it being a curvy road in a residential area, Smith noted that he turned off his blue lights and siren but continued to pace the motorcycle, which turned onto Chandler Road. When it reached Hwy. 98, it failed to stop and made a right turn onto the highway and accelerated to speeds reaching 102 mph, according to the report.

The driver (Adams) eventually entered Ila and slowed to about 80 mph before pulling into the Market on Main where he lost control as a wheel stuck on a raised portion of concrete before striking a gas pump, causing the motorcycle to fall over on its right side.

The passenger (a woman) was violently thrown from the motorcycle, according to the report.

Adams was able to leave the motorcycle and flee the scene on foot behind Market on Main. Due to the passenger being injured, Smith remained with her and contacted Madison County EMS. He provided a description of the male driver and his flight direction to dispatch.

Other arrests on file at the sheriff’s office this week included:

•Nathaniel Bailey, Junior, 50, Colbert, driving while license suspended or revoked.

•Pamela Heather Ballenger, 44, Carnesville, probation violation.

•Austin Jarod Brady, 23, Colbert, disorderly conduct, obstruction or hindering persons making emergency telephone call and simple battery family violence.

•Leon Steven Davis, 45, Hull, entering automobile or other motor vehicle with intent to commit theft or felony.

•Tina Diane Graham, 49, Colbert, aggravated assault.

•Ashley Nicole Guest, 32, Hull, two counts of probation violation.

•Andrea Lane Kelley, 29, Rome, battery family violence.

•Megan Nichole Nicklow, 35, Danielsville, DUI/drugs and failure to maintain lane.

•Brandon Michael Sharp, 31, Commerce, felony second degree burglary.

•Ryan Lamar Smith, 42, Nicholson, probation violation.

•Christopher Rodney Snow, 32, Carlton, probation violation.

•Louis Edward Stiles, 20, Lula, probation violation.

•Arlen Tremayne Ellison, 43, Athens, hold for Clarke County.

•Zachary Taylor Goss, 22, Danielsville, driving without a valid license and lighted headlights required at certain times.

•Juan Carlo Hinojosa-Cisneros, 44, Hull, driving without a valid license and failure to obey a traffic control device.

•Virgus Lattimore, 61, Hull, DUI/alcohol.

•Shamalafae Mack, 48, Colbert, aggravated assault.

•Timothy Wayne McLendon, 37, Royston, simple battery family violence.

•Ashley Lauren Parr, 22, Comer, DUI/alcohol.

•Ernest Daniel Porterfield, 54, Cornelia, hold for another agency.

•Jennifer Laure Spratlin-Adams, 37, Colbert, felony terroristic threats and acts.

•J. Dedrick Charles Thompson, 27, Hull, second degree criminal damage to property, theft by deception and two counts of simple battery family violence.


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