Lizzie Mary Meadows, 59, was charged with maintaining a disorderly house last week after the responding officer noted multiple calls for domestic incidents at her home over the past few months.

Deputy Glen Cowan was on an unrelated call in the area and could hear a loud unintelligible voice shouting from Meadows’ home. As he approached the front porch, he immediately noticed that Meadows was under the influence made evident by the loud unintelligible shouting, slurred speech of the female, her inability to stand without supporting herself, staggered gate and the smell and visual observation that she had urinated on herself.

She told Cowan she wanted officers to go look for a man but was unable to explain why they should look for him. It was determined during the investigation that no criminal violence had taken place and Meadows simply wanted the man to come back and that is why she called 911. Dispatch informed Cowan that this was the ninth time officers had been called to the home since March. In each of these, it was about a domestic dispute and Meadows was in a heavily intoxicated state, with the calls turning out to be unfounded. There were also three 911 hang-up calls, as well as a previous arrest for a disorderly house

She was arrested and taken to jail.

In another incident, warrants have been issued for a man following a domestic incident on Wildcat Bridge Road last week.

Deputy Joshua Smith was dispatched to the home where he met with the man’s wife, Kelsey Marie Carithers (Hill), 26, and her mother in the driveway.

Carithers stated that she and her husband got into an argument when he returned home, drunk, after being gone for four days. She said he began threatening her life in front of her mother and their children, a 3-year old and a 4-month old.

She went to take a shower around 11:30 p.m. Her husband punched hole in the wall of the living room wall, so she began to pack her things to leave for the night.

They continued to argue and curse, she reported, and he “got in her face” and began to push her and her mother when she tried to step in between them. He reportedly threatened both their lives and reportedly said he was going to get his gun. The woman said at that point she went to get her pistol and called 911.

As the man went to leave, he reportedly struck his mother-in-law’s vehicle in the driveway. The woman’s mother also said she heard him threaten to “shoot her (his wife) and throw her body in the river.”

During the investigation, Carithers was taken into custody on an outstanding warrant out of Clarke County.

About 2:17 a.m., Deputy Smith made contact with the husband by phone and he denied that anything was going on between him and his wife. He said his mother-in-law had called and told him his wife had been arrested. He also said he has been out of town for about a week and that he had not been to the home on Wildcat Bridge Road and was staying with a friend in Athens. When asked for an address, he hung up the phone. Warrants were to be issued for simple battery family violence, simple battery and terroristic threats and acts family violence.

Other incidents on file at the sheriff’s office included:

•Deputy Craig Vaughn and another officer were dispatched to Spratlin Mill Road regarding a 911 hang up.

Dispatch notified them that there was a domestic call at that address a few months prior. Later, dispatch informed them that the caller had called back and said it was a domestic dispute and the aggressor had left the home.

The victim and her 11-year old son had also left the home but returned shortly after the officer arrived.

The child got out of the vehicle to unlock the door and told deputies his mother’s boyfriend had hit his mother.

As deputies approached the vehicle, the victim got out, crying, and told them the boyfriend had struck her in the head and proceeded to show them the knots on her head. She accompanied officers inside and showed them the bedroom where the incident occurred. They noted that several items were knocked over and there was blood on the sheets, which the victim said belonged to her boyfriend. She said the incident began when she asked him

"why didn't you touch me last night?"

She said at that point he lost his temper and grabbed her by the wrist and throat and pushed her into a corner and began to strike her in the head multiple times. She said he choked her to the point that she could not breathe as she struggled to get to her phone. As she called 911, he reportedly grabbed the phone and hung up. She said he also threatened to kill her if she called police again and refused to let her leave the bedroom.

He also reportedly urinated in the floor of the bedroom and bathroom, then went through the house taking all the phones except for her son’s phone. He also allegedly took a black bag which she said contained drugs.

The victim told them they were going to stay with her aunt because she was frightened of her boyfriend and that she would obtain a temporary protection order. Warrants were to be issued for the boyfriend.

Other incidents on file at the sheriff’s office this week included:

•A burglary was reported at a home on Hwy. 98 East. Deputy Joshua Cooper responded and met with the homeowner who told him she arrived home to find her interior door in the garage/carport open with items missing and the home ransacked. Items missing included prescription drugs from the kitchen counter, a TV, Xbox, iPad mini and firearms.

•On Oct. 5, Deputy Joseph Rutledge was dispatched to Thomas Road regarding a possible fight in progress and a subject with a gun. Rutledge met with three juveniles who said they were on their school bus when they noticed small black SUV following the bus. Once the bus turned around in a cul de sac, with the SUV still following, the kids got off at their stop. At that point a woman got out of the SUV and began threatening to fight with them. After arguing for a few moments, the woman allegedly reached in the SUV and pulled out a black handgun, held it by her side, and threatened to shoot them. She then got back in the vehicle and left, traveling south on Hwy. 29. The bus driver, who witnessed part of the incident, including the SUV following the bus, called it into the bus shop. The driver said she did not see a gun. The juveniles said they did not know the female and did not know what triggered the incident. They were unable to get a tag number.

•A man on Floyd Road reported that one of his 2-foot x 3-foot “Cops for Trump” sign had been stolen from his yard.

•There were three unresponsive overdose calls in the county last week. All were transported by EMS for treatment.

•There were several reports of unruly juveniles and/or missing juveniles.

•On Monday, Oct. 12, Deputy Carolyn Gibson was dispatched to Mt. Zion Road regarding a nude male at the scene breaking out windows. The man had also reportedly been injecting methamphetamine. The suspect was detained and identified and taken to the hospital for a mental health evaluation.

•Deputies were dispatched to a home on Glenn Carrie Road regarding a report of a woman screaming for help as a man threw her to the ground. They found a woman in the yard covered in water with dirt on her knees and legs. The woman said the suspect had fled the scene prior to their arrival. A couple of witnesses were also on hand and were trying to assist the woman.

The victim said the man who hurt her is her boyfriend of three years and that they have a 1-year-old child together.

She said there was no running water in the home and that the fight started when a friend brought them a five-gallon bucket of water to the house for their use. She said she told her boyfriend that he was a poor provider and he picked up the bucket and dumped the contents on her as she stood in the living room and said “there’s your shower.” She said she picked up his phone and started to call his mother and he chased after her outside where they struggled and she yelled for help. Once he got the phone from her he ran on foot toward the back of the house.

A woman across the road who had custody of their 1-year old said she heard the shouting and arguing. She said they argue frequently and she is trying to help the victim get her life situated to be better able to care for her children.

The woman said she did not wish to press charges, but pursuant to the Georgia Family Violence Law, warrants were to be sought through magistrate court.

•Deputy Mason Bennett was dispatched to Hwy. 29 South for a terroristic threat situation involving a firearm. The caller told dispatch that a man there was very drunk and was threatening everyone in the house with a handgun in his back pocket. Bennett met with a man and a woman at the home who stated that the man was in a bedroom with two guns. Bennett drew his service weapon and entered the home where he found the man lying on a bed, very drunk. He was incoherent and had trouble getting up. When asked to show his hands and if he had a weapon in his back pocket he reached toward his pocket and was told to remain still and show his hands until back up units arrived.

Once another officer arrived, the man moved from the bedroom into the bathroom out of sight. They spotted him vomiting into the toilet and took him into custody.


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