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A Comer man was charged with family violence last week after he attacked his girlfriend in their yard, then called 911 when she “flipped him” onto his head.

Kenneth James Graham, 56, was charged with one count of battery-family violence.

Deputy Duston Stanley was dispatched to the David’s Home Church Road residence on Sept. 22 where he met with the woman, who told him she and Graham got into an argument and he threw a beer can at her, hitting her in the stomach, then grabbed her shirt and ripped it. He then reportedly grabbed her by the hair and began to pull her around the yard, scratching her arm in the process. She said she grabbed Graham by his shirt and crotch and flipped him over her onto the ground causing him to hit his head.

Graham told Stanley that he could not take her “running her mouth anymore” so he went after her and admitted to attacking her, pulling her hair and scratching her. He said after she flipped him he went back to his shop and called 911.

In another arrest, Jerry Lamon Flint, 39, of Athens, was charged with aggravated assault, improper backing and reckless driving. Deputy Gabe Dalton was dispatched to Bud Freeman Road on Sept. 21 regarding a domestic altercation/motor vehicle accident. Both parites had contacted 911.

Dalton spoke with a couple who said they were outside their residence when a neighbor drove past and began to yell at the man. They said the man made a slicing motion across his throat while yelling at the homeowner.

They said this has been an ongoing issue with this person and that he had also driven past on other occasions with a weapon. They said he drove a red Mitsubishi Galant.

The couple said they then followed the car in their car and that the Galant then began to back up at a high rate of speed in their direction and hit their car.

The witness said they went back to their house and called 911.

The woman was distraught and told Dalton that she feared for her life due to a weapon being brandished on past occasions.

Dalton then went to speak with the neighbor (Flint). Flint told him that while driving on the road he dropped an item on the floorboard and went to pick it up and at that point was rear-ended by the couple’s vehicle.

Flint also said that prior to the accident, he had never spoken to them, but also stated that he and the said parties have argued in the past. Flint also denied ever possessing a weapon. Flint advised that he was hurting in his neck area and wanted medical treatment, so EMS was dispatched to his home. The Galant had rear-end damage that indicated it had been struck with great force, according to the report.

After examining the accident scene, Dalton determined that Flint’s car had stopped, spun its tires for a distance of about 15 feet while backing up at a high rate of speed before striking the victims’ vehicle.

After observing the accident scene and hearing both parties testimony, Dalton ultimately assessed that Flint had used his vehicle in an offensive manner after a verbal domestic altercation that could cause bodily harm.

Flint was transported to Piedmont Athens Regional Medical Center by Madison County EMS personnel. Prior to this, he was explained Dalton’s findings, but denied he had purposely struck the other vehicle. After treatment at the hospital, Flint was taken to jail.

Other arrests on file at the sheriff’s office last week included:

•Jennings Thomas Limehouse, 54, Central, S.C., was charged with one count of criminal trespass. Cpl. Austin Dean was dispatched to Shiloh Fort Lamar Road after a man was reported walking on someone’s property and making comments they could not understand.

The complainant said he saw Limehouse, who is a neighbor, walking toward his residence saying things he could not understand. He said he is concerned about the man being there since his wife and kids are home alone while he is at work. Limehouse had already been issued a trespass warning the week before for this same property.

Dean then went to speak with Limehouse, who said he had walked over there to use the phone and pointed out where he had stood, which was clearly on his neighbor’s property. He was arrested and taken to jail.

•James Anthony Adams, 55, Athens, probation violation.

•Austin Taylor Clarke, 19, Carlton, criminal trespass-family violence, violation of a family violence order and a probation violation.

•James Fred Gosnell, 50, homeless, probation violation.

•Stephanie Nocole Guthrie, 34, Statham, probation violation.

•Donta Tyrone Holder, 32, Hull, probation violation.

•Blake Austin O’Kelley, 26, Winterville, probation violation.

•Corey Antoine Robinson, 41, homeless, probation violation.

•Cameron Joel Stockton, 28, Winterville, probation violation.

•Jose Jesus Villalobos-Ortiz, 39, Gainesville, probation violation.

•David Scott Watt, 55, McDonough, probation violation.

•Timothy Scott Adams, 48, Colbert, driving under the influence (DUI)/alcohol, failure to drive within a single lane and open container violation.

•Christopher Rex Brown, 27, Commerce, reckless driving, reckless conduct, fleeing or attempting to elude, driving while license suspended or revoked, failure to stop for a stop sign and standards for brake lights and signal devices violation.

•Tasha Ann Campbell, 32, Dewy Rose, failure to appear.

•Ricky Lanier Collins, 40, Athens, hold for Clarke County.

•Jennifer C. Elmgreen, 48, Augusta, DUI/drugs and driving on the wrong side of the road.

•Russell Edward Flanagan, 41, Toccoa, order to incarcerate.

•Beverly Jean Fowler, 64, Colbert, failure to appear.

•Gilbert Santell Gray, 34, Royston, theft by taking.

•Toni Minesia Guest, 38, Bowman, probation violation.

•Santierra Sanail Jennings, 24, Hull, driving while license suspended or revoked.

•Shambreka Attrice Johnson, 26, Athens, robbery (bondsman off bond).

•Courtney Drionna Lowe, 25, Athens, failure to appear.

•Gregory Keith Marable, 55, Commerce, Jackson County hold.

•Gregory Meadow, 59, Danielsville, simple battery.

•Margarito, Nazario, 37, Athens, driving without a valid license and windshields and windshield wipers violation.

•Esmeralda Maldonado Reyes, 30, Athens, simple battery-family violence.

•Alyssa Tervinna Rucker, 20, Athens, crossing state/county guard lines with weapons, intoxicants, drugs without consent, simple battery-family violence and marijuana possession less than an ounce.

•Dennie Shane Smith, 33, Hull, DUI/alcohol, lamps and other equipment on bicycles and a probation violation.

•Gordie McKinley Stanley, 51, Danielsville, driving while license suspended or revoked, failure to maintain lane and marijuana possession less than an ounce.

•Laura Miesha Thomas, 24, Athens, DUI/alcohol and seatbelt violation.


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