A Comer teen was arrested last week following a domestic dispute on Norwood Road.

Joseph Michael Abbs, 19, was charged with three counts of aggravated assault and one count of simple battery family violence.

On Feb. 5, Cpl. Zach Brooks was dispatched to Norwood Road to meet with a complainant about a domestic dispute involving a firearm. The complainant was standing in the front yard along with three other people. She told Brooks that she and one of the women standing with her have children by the same father and that this woman lives two houses down with her daughter and her new boyfriend (Abbs). She said she went over to the woman’s house that evening to check on her and see how she was doing and Abbs answered the door, yelling at her to leave the property.

She said she could see the woman inside the home crying so she asked Abbs what was wrong with her and he allegedly became very angry. The woman tried to get between her and Abbs and calm him down but he pushed her back inside the home and grabbed a rifle. The complainant said by that time her sister had gotten out of the car and walked up the house to see if she could help. Abbs allegedly pointed the gun at both women and ordered them to leave.

Both the women said that they wanted to press charges, but the girlfriend of Abbs said she did not. She was informed that since she and Abbs live in the same home, charges would be filed on her behalf by the state.

Deputy Joshua Rice went to the home where the altercation occurred and he found Abbs sitting in the living room with the baby. Brooks put the girlfriend in his patrol car and also went back to the home. Abbs told them he told them all to leave because he did not want them there. He was told to put the baby down and he was then handcuffed.

The rifle was found and seized as evidence.

In another arrest, Danny Ray Barnett, Jr., 37, of Danielsville, was charged with possession of a Schedule I or II drugs (two counts) possession of drug-related objects.

Deputy Gary Floyd was dispatched to Young Harris Road where he met with a woman who said she found a baggie with white residue in the fold out bed of her son (Barnett) and that other items were found on the porch.

Barnett was found on the bed in the living room and admitted the methamphetamine was his.

A brownish waxy substance located in a hollowed out red rubber ball tested positive for THC. A red straw located in Barnett’s pocket tested positive for methamphetamine, as did the baggie found in the fold-out bed.

Other arrests on file at the sheriff’s office this week included:

•Daniel Paul Weathers, 54, of Winterville, possession of methamphetamine.

•Thomas Jason Melton, 50, Danielsville, crossing state/county guard lines with weapons, intoxicants, drugs without consent, possession and use of drug-related objects and possession of methamphetamine.

•Mary Ann Sims, 54, Danielsville, possession and use of drug-related objects and possession of methamphetamine.

•Kevin Jaron Jones, 31, Lithonia, hold for Dekalb County.

•Aunwar Sedonta Smith, Jr, 18, Crawford, failure to appear.

•Marquita Sharai Williams, 35, Anderson, SC, hold for Hartwell Police Department.

•James Russell Daniel, 27, Athens, failure to appear.

•Michael Patrick Hanley, 43, obstruction of officers

•Questhia Valerie Thomas, 47, driving while license suspended or revoked and DUI/alcohol

•Brenton Troy Cowart, 33, Hull, probation violation.

•Michael Patrick Hanley, 43, Watkinsville, willful obstruction of law enforcement officers.

•Jill Elizabeth Mendoza-Benitez, 41, Hull, probation violation.

•Jason Jerome Moon, 43, Athens, parole violation, possession and use of drug-related objects, possession of methamphetamine with intent to distribute and a probation violation.

•Keith Daniel Porterfield, 56, Danielsville, marijuana possession less than an ounce and a probation hold.

•Latasha Shanta Wilbon, 41, Comer, probation violation.

•Chelsie Renee Bales, 29, Comer, possession of methamphetamine, possession of drug-related objects, possession of a Schedule II Controlled Substance, two counts of drugs not in original container, two counts of possession of a firearm/knife during the commission of/attempt to commit certain felonies and two counts of receipt/possession/ transfer of a firearm by a convicted felon or felony first offender.

•John Gerald Born, 35, Lawrenceville, distracted driving and possession of methamphetamine.

•Stacey Lynn Colvin, 37, Hull, marijuana possession less than an ounce.

•Kimberly Dawn Denton, 43, Danielsville, possession and use of drug-related objects and possession of a Schedule I Controlled Substance.

•Oscar Ariel Fuentes-Ramirez, 36, Lawrenceville, speeding and driving without a valid license.

•William Hoyt Harris, 31, Hull, DUI/alcohol and failure to maintain lane.

•Timothy Scott Jarrett, 45, Danielsville, possession and use of drug-related objects and possession of methamphetamine.

•D’Travius Terrell Mattox, 27, Athens, hold for Clarke County.

•Aunwar Sedonta Smith, Jr., 18, Crawford, felony failure to appear.

•Elizabeth Rose Teet, 25, Danielsville, felony theft by taking.

•Valerie Questhia Thomas, 47, Colbert, driving while license suspended or revoked and DUI/alcohol.

•Stacy Lynn Colvin, 37, Hull, possession of marijuana less than an ounce.

•Charles Leon Kerr, 46, Athens, possession of marijuana less than an ounce.


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