A Commerce woman was arrested last week after she reportedly sprayed her parents with bleach during an argument.

Aileen Jovanna Teran-Rodriguez, 22, was charged with battery, disorderly conduct and two counts of simple battery family violence.

Deputy Carolyn Gibson was dispatched to Maplewood Lane on Saturday regarding an unruly female.

She met with Teran-Rodriguez’s brother, who told her that he witnessed his sister spray bleach on his parents during an argument. He said his sister is “known to be extremely aggressive” and he believes she smoked marijuana laced with an unknown drug.

Gibson spoke with the mother who stated that she asked her daughter to stop marijuana she began spraying her with bleach. Gibson saw that her sleeves had bleach stains. He then spoke with the dad who said that his daughter had been smoking pot all day, possibly laced with another drug and that she became aggressive, yelling and throwing things in the house. He said she sprayed both of them, but he had already changed his clothing.

Gibson arrested the daughter and asked for a bond condition with no contact with the family due to a long history of domestic violence.

Other incidents on file at the sheriff’s office this week included:

•A woman on Osley Mill Road reported that she was in the kitchen when she saw a black truck backed in near the creek by her husband’s truck. She said an unknown white male threw four ladders into the back of his black truck and sped off. She said she has not seen the truck before and did not recognize the suspect.

•A counterfeit $100 bill was reportedly passed at the Chevron station on Old Danielsville Road last week. The clerk told Sgt. Jason Gaddy that a Hispanic male had been inside the store playing the slot machines and after a while came to the counter and asked for $20 bills in exchange for two $100 bills. The clerk said he checked the bills and determined that they were no good and told the man he could not have change, nor could he give the bills back to him. The man stayed around for a few more minutes before leaving on foot. The male was wearing a red striped button down shirt and blue jeans, and a camouflage baseball style cap. The clerk showed Gaddy video footage of the male and stated that the footage could be downloaded if needed. Gaddy took possession of the two bills and filled out a property receipt for the clerk. The bills will be placed into evidence for further investigation.

•On Nov. 10, Sgt. Jason Gaddy was dispatched to do a welfare check on an elderly man on Wildcat Bridge Road.

The complainant told him that she and her husband checked on the man regularly and that they had been out there about an hour prior to his arrival and that the man had feces on his person and there was feces all over the floors in his home. They said they felt like he needed some type of help but that his family wouldn’t do anything to help him.

Gaddy explained that he could not make the man do anything, but that he would go check on him to see if there was anything that he could for him.

Gaddy went to the home and got the man to the door. He noted that the man was not wearing anything other than a short-sleeved T-shirt; no underwear or pants. Gaddy asked the man if he knew what year it was and the man reportedly replied “1962 or 1963.”

He was unable to tell Gaddy who the current President of the United States is. He kept saying he did not need any help. While speaking with him, Gaddy said he stepped over to the corner of his porch with his back side to the corner and defecated on the porch floor, which also ran down his legs. He repeatedly told Gaddy that he "$#%^$ on himself" and that it is normal. Gaddy explained that using the bathroom on yourself is not normal and that he felt like he needed some type of help.

The man refused to go to the hospital and stated again that he did not need any help. Gaddy requested that EMS come to the scene to see if they could get him to go to the hospital to be checked out. The man told him he had eaten but could not tell him what he had eaten.

Once EMS was on scene, they talked to the man into going into the ambulance to be checked out and EMS personnel went into the home to located any medication. Once inside, they found a severely malnourished dog inside going through the trash in an attempt to locate food. The smell inside the home was so bad that no one could stay inside for very long. The man was transported to the hospital. Gaddy had dispatch “leave a note” for animal control to respond to the home the next day to see about the dog. The dog was not taken to the sheriff’s office kennel, Gaddy noted, due to the kennel being full.

•Deputy Joshua Smith was dispatched to Jack Sharp Road to check on an elderly male who lives alone and is believed to have dementia. The man stated he had not eaten anything in three days except dog food. He gave Smith permission to check his pantry and refrigerator. He found some uncooked meat in his refrigerator but no beverages and found multiple cans of food in his pantry.

Smith noted that he did not see any dog food. The man said he has fallen multiple times in his home and that his grandson would eventually come and help him get up. He complained of right arm pain and during their conversation Smith also noted that the man seemed to be in pain. Smith offered multiple times to have EMS come and take him to the hospital but the man said he did not have $1,000.

Smith asked the man what he could do to help him out that morning and the man reportedly replied “shoot me.”

Smith asked him why he should do that and the man said he wanted to be “put out.” Smith told him he was not going to do that but would get him to a hospital for some help, but he refused every offer.

The man did ask Smith if he would take him to a doctor in Danielsville, but Smith told him the offices were closed at that time. He gave the man a number for North Georgia Medical Transport for him to contact to try to get non-emergency transport to his doctors.

The man also complained that his grandson had his car keys and would not give them back to him. Smith did a query on his driver’s license and found that they had been revoked due to physical/mental disability.

Smith spoke with his grandson who told him that either he or a neighbor brings his grandfather food every night and that he does not cook.

The grandson said he has no help with caring for his grandfather and that he works full time and operates his own business. Smith advised him to look into nursing home or personal care home options for his grandfather.

Smith noted that the elderly man has called 911 on several occasions asking for assistance such as for someone to bring him an air conditioner for his home and other requests, due to no family assisting him.

•Several incidents of runaway juveniles and unruly juveniles were reported around the county.

•A man on Farm Road reported that 10-to-20 dogs were chasing after him. Deputy Joshua Rice responded and dispatch told him that the man was able to get away without being bitten by any of the dogs.

Rice spoke with the man who was waiting in the roadway. The man told him that he lives on the road and walks often. He said that a neighbor owns the dogs and lets them run loose. Rice could see several dogs partway down the indicated driveway.

The man said the dogs usually do not chase after people unless someone leaves the home and then they will follow them out into the road. He said that is what happened that morning and he had to run into a neighbor’s yard to get away from them.

The man stated that there have been multiple complaints made about these animals and he further stated there have been several instances of the dogs being loose this week. Rice told him the case would be turned over to animal control for further investigation and follow up.

•Deputy Carolyn Gibson was dispatched to the sheriff’s office last week to meet with a man who said he found a 12-guage shotgun that he wanted to turn in. The man refused to say where he found the gun stating that he “wasn’t getting into it.”


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