A Madison County couple was arrested recently after they allegedly struck each other with an old police baton. Brittany Nicole Wood, 27, 1325 Rogers Church Road, Danielsville, and Terry Scott Wood, 28, 797 Allen Road, Commerce, were each charged with simple battery FVA.

According to the incident report, Mr. Wood said he called 9-1-1 after his wife struck him with the baton while they were on the back porch watching their two small children play. He said she struck him in the head with the stick and he told her he was going to call police. At that point, he said, she began to hit herself all over, saying “if you’re going to call police, they’re going to see this.” Mrs. Wood, who had left the scene, was found walking along the highway. She said they had been arguing for some time and that he was accusing her of cheating on him and had questioned her about numerous text messages with another man. She said he hit her all over and that she struck him in the head with her hand to get him off of her. She said she then went to a neighbor’s house to call 9-1-1 but saw the police cruiser go by and didn’t call. Due to conflicting stories and no independent witness, both were arrested. The children and a loaded handgun in Mr. Woods’ truck were turned over to his parents.

In another incident, a woman was arrested recently after she fought with deputies and damaged a patrol car on Foote McClellan Road.

Caitlyn Rebecca Loggins, 23, 10004 Scotts Ridge Court, Glenn Alen, VA, was charged with obstruction, criminal trespass and criminal interference with government property.

According to the incident report, officer Jeffrey Vaughn went to Pop’s Cycle Shop in response to a man there who wanted a female (Loggins) removed from the scene. A criminal trespass warning for her was still in effect, according to the report. Upon arrival, the man there told him Loggins was in the office removing items that belonged to his boss. As soon as Vaughn entered the office, Loggins reported said, “What the %^&*?”

She then began to get irate and starting pacing the floor, yelling and cursing at Vaughn. She was told to calm down but refused. Vaughn had to restrain her on the floor so she could be handcuffed. She kicked at him and tried to claw him with her fingernails and had to be dragged to the patrol car. Once inside the car, Vaughn called for assistance to remove property from her person. She continued to scream and yell and kicked the driver side rear window until it was damaged beyond repair. Dispatch advised she was using her cell phone from the back of the patrol car to call 9-1-1 for an ambulance. She was told to step out of the patrol car and she complied and eventually handed over the phone. Vaughn asked her what her medical complaint was and she said, “beat my @$$.” He advised her she would be seen by a jail nurse.

Other incidents on file included:

•Simple battery was reported on Buddy Moore Road after a woman said another woman attacked her “for no reason” by throwing a lotion substance on her and hitting her on the cheek. Witnesses there said the other woman had left the scene after the victim threatened her. They also said that the two were having a “lesbian affair” and that the victim was mad because the other woman was seeing a man at the residence. The victim admitted to having “some type of affair” with the other woman, but said she did not start the fight. Officer Gary Floyd was later called back to the residence where the woman then told him she was having trouble with her live-in boyfriend. She appeared anxious and stated she had not taken her medication. After EMS was called to check on her, she refused transport to the hospital and said she would take her meds and was leaving to go back to Arkansas in a few days.

•Theft by deception was reported on Brush Creek Road last week after a couple came to the sheriff’s office to report a transaction with another party over the Internet that turned out to be false. The woman said she located a vehicle on the website cars.com for $2,000. After exchanging emails with the seller, she purchased the vehicle through eBay and sent the money by Western Union. The woman then received an email from the owner, saying she needed another $1,700 to cover shipping and insurance. The woman then became suspicious and came to report the transaction.

•Criminal trespass was reported on Hwy. 106 South last week when a man said he was sitting in his house when he heard someone at his back door, sounding as if they were trying to break in. He then went to the back door and kicked it open. He saw two white males run from the porch into the woods. The man said he thinks it is the same people who broke into his home earlier in the week.

•Harassing phone calls were reported on Glenn Carrie Road last week. A man who is executor of a bedridden woman’s estate said that the woman’s nephew has been calling her trying to get her to give him money. He said he has told the man to quit calling because he makes her upset every time he calls. He was advised of the warrant process.

•Officer Douglas Martin went to a residence on Hardwood Lane near Carlton last week to assist a Kalamazoo County Michigan detective concerning a lottery scam. The detective is investigating the case of an 84-year old Michigan man who was the victim of a lottery scam, involving a Carlton man. According to the incident report, the victim sent several money transfers via Western Union to the Carlton man totaling $11,000 as “payment” for a claim on a lottery sweepstakes.

•A couple on Cody Fowler Road reported a vehicle stolen last week. They said they suspected a person with a history of thefts who had lived with them at one time.

•Burglary was reported on Mason Mill Road last week. A man, who said he is moving out, said several items were taken from his home. Witnesses said they saw the suspects at the residence.

•A fight was reported on Rogers Mill Road last week. Three men with the same last name got into a fight after one of them texted another’s “baby mama.” They were advised of the warrant process.

•A woman on Colbert Danielsville Road reported that someone hacked her son’s Facebook and put “I am gay” on his wall. She said after speaking to several parents, she found out who the culprit was. She said she then advised the elementary school principal of the situation.

•Suspicious activity was reported around two old grave sites at Freedom Church of God on Neese Commerce Road last week. The pastor and other witnesses reported that a vehicle with several people pulled into the churchyard and got out with a shovel. After they left, two new flower arrangements, one covering “fresh dirt,” were discovered. The pastor was unaware of any burials that had taken place there. Madison County investigators along with Sheriff Kip Thomas and the GBI came to the scene where it was discovered that an urn with cremated ashes had been buried. Investigators took possession of the urn to try to contact the family to make proper burial arrangements. The pastor said the church had no desire to press charges.

•Criminal trespass was reported in the high school parking lot when a camera system video showed a juvenile male wrap his hand in a tee shirt and then knock out and damage both the driver side and passenger side mirrors of another boy’s truck.

•A male middle school student was charged with disrupting public school after he reportedly threatened a teacher.

•Theft by taking was reported on Vaughn Circle after two juveniles reported that they had been robbed at gunpoint. They said $3,000 and a cell phone were stolen by two males wearing black ski masks and camo jackets that said they were “drug task force agents.” One of the boys first went to Hart County to report the crime, but was told it happened in Madison County. The boys’ stories changed a few times and they stated that they were afraid to tell on another man, because of what he might do to retaliate.

•A woman on Hwy. 72 West reported that her sister (a juvenile) had been harassing her by phone and called her a “stupid &*($#” and threatened to come to her house and kill her.

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