An officer on a call about a lost dog ended up arresting a teen for allegedly furnishing alcohol to minors. Ray Billy Bray, 18, of 3680 Smithonia Road, Crawford, was charged with possession of alcoholic beverages by persons below legal age.

According to the incident report, an officer had responded to Potts Mobile Home Park on Hwy. 29 South about a missing dog when the complainant pointed out a white Ford Explorer parked at a vacant lot and requested the officer check it out. He did and found Bray, a 15-year-old male and two 13-year old females. The officer noted that Bray had the odor of alcohol coming from his person and he reportedly admitted to drinking two beers. The 15-year-old was also arrested for underage drinking. The girls were returned to their mother.

Other incidents on file at the sheriff’s office recently included:

•A man and his landlord on Vineyard Creek Church Road reported that someone had cut the electrical wire from the wall and ceiling of a chicken house he rents with pruning shears, which were found on the scene.

•Two suicide attempts were reported in the county.

•Criminal trespass was reported on East Jones Chapel Road.

•A man came to the sheriff’s office to report that someone had stolen two mobile home tongs from his mobile home in Chandler Ray MHP on Louise Drive in Hull. He said he believes the tenant whom he evicted this month took the tongs, which he said were worth around $1,000 each.

•An orange leaf blower was taken from a man and woman traveling on Brewer Phillips Road last week after an officer discovered the serial number had been removed. According to the incident report, the two people were “very suspicious” in the area due to recent thefts.

•A man visited the sheriff’s office to report that someone stole more than $10,000 worth of items from his deceased aunt’s residence on Wildcat Bridge Road.

•A man on Brewer Phillips Road reported that someone had stolen his pressure washer out from under his shop on Brewer Phillips Road.

•An employee of Royal Food Store in Danielsville told an officer that she was “continuously having problems” with someone. She said the suspect came by Royal Foods when she was not there, asking what time she would be working. He also reportedly called her and told her that when she arrived at work that he would be waiting for her so he could “shoot her in the head like a pig.” Extra patrol was reportedly set up for the area and an officer was stationed across the road when she came to work. The suspect was said to be possibly riding in a white Cadillac Escalade or burgundy Chevrolet Tahoe with a black male companion.

•A woman told officers that she fired a gun up in the air because two people picking up garbage from her residence were not loading it up fast enough for her and started mouthing off at her. She said she went inside and got her pistol and fired it once up in the air and that the suspects then retrieved their items and left.

•A couple traveling on Hwy. 29 South at the Clarke County line reported that they were driving south when something struck the rear window of the passenger door, shattering the window. The officer noted that the rear window was completely shattered and the rear passenger door had four scrapes on it.

•A woman on Strickland Circle reported that she and her husband had gotten into a fight about his girlfriend and at some point he had jumped up and started to damage the TV. She said she tried to stop him by getting between him and the TV. The officer noted that the 72-inch TV had the entire front broken out with glass lying on the floor. The victim also had clear scratch marks on her chest and left arm, but refused medical attention. The woman was advised, again, of the TPO process, with the officer noting that this was just one of numerous calls to this residence for the same type reason.

•Harassing phone calls were reported by a woman on Paradise Valley Road who said her ex-husband has been calling her approximately 50 to 60 times a day and that he has sent her about 130 text messages since the previous morning. She said he has made threats against her and was trying to get her to come back home. The TPO and warrant process was explained to her and she was advised to keep the messages for later reference.

•A man on Rogers Mill Road complained that his father-in-law was abusing his child by disciplining him in the past two weeks. He said he and his wife are separated and that she and his son have moved in with her father, but that he does not feel it is his father-in-law’s right to discipline him.

•A man on Garnett Ward Road reported that a laptop computer, a pistol and an electric chain saw were stolen from his home. He said he believes it is someone who knew where the items were kept in the residence.

•Officers were dispatched to a domestic dispute on Woodale Street in Hull last week after a third party called to report it. The woman at the residence said she and her live-in boyfriend got into an argument because he was drinking. She showed officers where he had knocked over the Christmas tree and some decorative glassware. She said she did not call 911 because she did not feel she needed to.

•Someone reportedly entered a company vehicle and took a Garmin GPS unit and a black briefcase containing paperwork from deliveries.

•Two people reported that they both received threats from a person on their cell phones. The threats concerned bodily harm and death, according to the report.

•A school bus driver reported that someone had broken out the front right passenger window and the center console of her Ford Explorer while it was parked at Colbert Elementary during the holiday.

•Terroristic threats and acts were reported on Maplewood Lane last week after a woman said she and her husband got into an argument in the presence of their teenage grandchildren. The woman told officers that her husband had stated that he would “shoot someone.” At that point, she said, she sent the children upstairs and locked herself in the bathroom to call 911. The officer noted that he heard them arguing through the door as he approached. The man said he did not threaten his wife but told her that if his son-in-law came to the residence to fight him, he would defend himself. Both said they were done arguing for the night and their grandchildren were picked up by their mother. A pistol found in the bathroom was confiscated due to the nature of the incident and the man was given a property receipt for it and told he could pick it up later. The woman told the officer she was familiar with the TPO process due to her previous husband.

•A man on W. 4th Avenue reported that someone had broken into two of his buildings and a company van. The man said that someone had thrown a concrete block through the rear window of a van and busted a rear window to the office. The only thing found missing was a change jar.

•A man told an officer that he had gotten a “nasty (voicemail) message” from a female he knows saying that he was keeping his kids away from her. He stated that all but one of his kids are grown and none of them were any relation to her. He was advised of the TPO process.

•A man on Nowhere Road reported that a married couple had damaged the home they were renting. He was told he would need to go through magistrate court to seek relief for the damage.

•A man hunting on Nowhere Road between Beck Road and Leon Ellis road reported that someone had broken into his truck and taken a bottle of medication, a pair of sunglasses, a CD case and 80 to 100 CDs. The man said his truck was not locked at the time.

•Two people on Creekwood Drive reported that they had received threats with “lots of cussing.” Both suspects stated they did not call and threaten anyone.

•A woman on Hwy. 29 North reported that someone had stolen 15 Lortabs from a bottle in her vehicle.

•A man on Floyd Road said a woman he evicted from his rental home had been calling and harassing him. He said she had sent a text message saying “I’ll kill your @&&.” He was advised of the pre-warrant and TPO process.

•A man on Virginia Lane said he called an old friend he hadn’t spoken to in a while and that a short time into the conversation, the man told him not to call him anymore and if he saw him out anywhere he was going to “flatten his face.” The officer advised the victim it would “probably be best not to call” the man anymore and to call the sheriff’s office if he needed assistance.

•A man on Eugene Hardman Road reported that someone he knows stole $20 and two Lortab pills from his pill bottle while he had his back turned.

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