A Danielsville man was arrested on assault and other charges last week against his mother.

William James Terrell Owen, 39, was charged with aggravated assault, second-degree criminal damage to property and false imprisonment.

On March 10, two officers were dispatched to a home on Hwy. 98 East about a man (Owen) who was threatening to harm himself.

They arrived and spoke with his mother, who told them that her son said he was going to harm himself and her and that he had prohibited her from leaving and broke her phone so she couldn’t call for help. He also had retrieved a gun from a safe.

She said she managed to email her daughter who came with her boyfriend to the house. The daughter grabbed the gun from Owen and gave it to the boyfriend, who then left with it. The daughter was told to call the boyfriend and have him bring it back. The weapon was found to be loaded with seven rounds.

In another incident, Lizzie Mary Meadows, 58, of Colbert, was charged with maintaining a disorderly house.

Deputy Jacob Loggins was dispatched to Alberta Drive regarding a domestic dispute. Loggins noted that officers had been dispatched to the home four times this year.

Meadows was standing on the porch pointing around to the back of the house, saying that “he ran that way.”

When asked who “he” was, she said again that “he” ran around back of the home. She said this person had been

“throwing everything” around in her house and she wasn't having it. Loggins noted that Meadows smelled of alcohol.

She denied drinking anything and provided her identification inside the home, where Loggins noted that nothing looked out of place.

She was then asked to get her shoes and jacket because she was being arrested.

When he asked her if she needed assistance getting down the front porch steps and she reportedly said “why don’t you &*^%$# push me.”

He told her he simply wanted to help her down so she didn’t fall.

Other incidents on file at the sheriff’s office last week included:

•A middle school student was charged with battery on a school teacher or personnel (felony) after the student was allegedly being unruly and pushed the principal.

•A woman on Diamond Hill Colbert Road called to report that someone had put a bag of “Paw Paw’s Peanuts” in her mailbox that day and that she believes it is ongoing harassment.

•On March 10, an officer was dispatched to Colbert School Road regarding sexual battery where a juvenile victim was reportedly being touched inappropriately. The case was turned over to investigations.

•Someone on Maple Ridge Place reported that their 1995 Ford Contour after he allowed an interested party to test drive it who was interested in purchasing it. He said he had the man’s phone number, but it had been disconnected.

•Deputy William Townsend was dispatched to Hannah Creek Church Road regarding a female who showed up at a home saying she was in fear for her life. The woman was determined to be hallucinating from possible methamphetamine use. She was transported by EMS to a hospital.

•A home was reportedly burglarized on Hwy. 191. The resident said someone entered his home during the night while he was asleep and took a cellphone, check book, wallet, cash, change jar and a rifle. He said he does not lock his doors at night. A neighbor came over and told the officer and the man that she saw someone leaving their home between 6 and 6:20 a.m.

•A woman was reportedly raped on March 15 at a home on Hwy. 72 West. Deputy Joseph Rutledge was dispatched after a woman called 911 whispering that she had been raped, then disconnected the call. Dispatch called the number back and was able to get an address and the woman told the dispatcher that she wanted to go home. Once on scene, the woman, who was crying and upset, put her finger to her lips and asked Rutledge to be quiet when he began to question her. He asked her to get in the patrol car and he would drive her home so they could talk.

She hesitated before saying “he raped me.” She wouldn’t say anymore but later when at home, she told her daughter a nickname she knew the man by. The woman also had faint claw marks on her neck and her daughter noted that her mother’s hair extensions had been taken out. The woman said the man had pulled them out. A suspect was determined and the incident was turned over to an investigator.


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