A Danielsville man was arrested last week after he reportedly injured his mother during a domestic altercation.

Preston Chadwick Burkhalter, 33, was charged with one count of battery-family violence.

Cpl. Zach Brooks responded to the Hwy. 191 residence regarding an assault with injuries. He met with Burkhalter’s mother, who told him that her son had grabbed her and head-butted her.

She reportedly has swelling to her right eye.

She further stated that her son had been having some mental health issues and that he allegedly believes that “he has demons living inside him.” She said he is constantly angry and she can’t handle him living with her anymore.

She said during a previous visit from the sheriff’s office, she had been advised to get a temporary protection order (TPO) against her son.

She said she and her son began arguing because he was angry about something she did but she didn’t know what. She said when she escaped from him after the head butt, she left the house in fear of him. She said that he was still inside the home and that there were no weapons inside the home.

Brooks found Burkhalter lying on the couch appearing to be asleep. He woke him and Burkhalter told him that he “hated his mother” and was “done with her.” He then rolled over and said that he was done talking. He was arrested without incident and taken to jail.

Other incidents on file at the sheriff’s office this week included:

•Deputy Mason Bennett was dispatched to Madison Avenue in Colbert regarding a drive by shooting on Sept. 29.

He was met by four complainants standing off the road. One of them (a juvenile) was the only one who could speak English. Bennett saw bullet casings on the ground and secured the scene, requesting that dispatch send an investigator to his location. He then asked the juvenile to translate what had happened. The boy said he was outside cutting his brother’s hair when a Chevy Trail Blazer with three Hispanic males pulled up in front of the house.

A backseat passenger got out and shot seven times toward the house before the SUV took off at a high rate of speed. No one was struck or injured during the incident. The boy said everyone else was inside and only heard the gunshots and didn’t see anything. A witness corroborated the boy’s story. The incident remains under investigation.

•A grandmother reported that her juvenile grandson got angry when she refused to give him the car keys and proceeded to kick in the glass storm door and threw a black safe in the front yard He was found walking down the road nearby and taken into custody. Juvenile Justice informed Deputy Gary Floyd that he was high risk and asked for him to be transported to Washington’s YDC facility.

•A weedeater was stolen from an outbuilding of a home on Bishop Carey Road last week.

•Two men reportedly tried to steal a car from an auto repair shop on Norwood Road.

•A man on Hwy. 106 reported that four catalytic converters had been stolen from his business.

•A man on Diamond Hill – Neese Road reported that his sister, who he is the guardian of, ran away. He said she left on Sept. 28 with another brother and was supposed to return the day before but did not. He said this is the third time she has run away.

•A juvenile was bitten by a dog on Woodale Street last week. The owner of the dog was located and she said she owned four dogs and the one who had bitten the child did not have any vaccinations. The dog was a pitbull cross about eight months old. The case was turned over to animal control. The owner agreed to quarantine the dog for 10 days.


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