A Danielsville man was arrested last week on felony and family violence charges after officers were called to a domestic dispute between him and another man on Black’s Creek Church Road.

Dustin Sanford England, 38, was charged with simple battery family violence and felony terroristic threats and acts by Deputy Joshua Smith on Dec. 23.

Smith was dispatched regarding a dispute between England and his girlfriend’s father. While en route, Smith was advised that the incident was escalating, with England “getting in the face” of the other man.

Smith noted in his report that all three parties and other family members have lived together in the same home for the past several months.

Smith spoke the daughter, who said her mother asked her to come check on her 8-year old sister as England had reportedly pushed her.

The father, who is wheelchair-bound, said he had been receiving threats from England since the previous day and that deputies responded on that day also.

The father told Smith that the previous evening England hit the 8-year old in the mouth with a pillow and threatened his (father’s) life. The father said he told England that he would “put a blade in him too.”

The father said that England pushed the younger girl that day and was verbally abusive to his girlfriend.

He also said England threatened to have “a hit” put out on him and have him killed.

The 8-year old said England had pushed her and told her to get out of the way.

Everyone was advised of the eviction and temporary protection order (TPO) process.

Though England had fled the scene on foot before officers arrived, he was later arrested.

In another arrest, Cody Andrew Burbage, 20, of Athens, was charged with intimidating law enforcement officer/family in retaliation/response to discharge and felony interference with government property after Chief Deputy Jeffery Vaughn was notified that inmate Burbage was being aggressive following a disciplinary hearing with another officer. After being secured in his cell, he was placed on disciplinary lockdown and proceeded to break the sprinkler head of the fire system, causing severe flooding inside the entire jail pod.

Other arrests on file this week at the sheriff’s office included:

•Joshua Aaron Grant, 27, Comer, driving while license suspended or revoked, DUI/alcohol, failure to maintain lane and giving false name, address or birthdate to law enforcement officer.

•James Foster Burnworth, Jr., 44, Hull, disorderly conduct. Burnsworth was arrested by Deputy Christian Sisk after he reportedly tried to force his wife to leave their Reese Lane residence by placing some of her belongings outside in the driveway. Sisk informed Burnworth that officers could not force his wife to leave the home. Burnworth then stated that she was leaving whether they could make her leave or not. Sisk asked if they would agree to both leave and let calm things down, but both refused, despite their being several children present. He left and a short time later was dispatched back to the home where there were now multiple bags at the end of the driveway. Sisk told Burnworth, once again, that he could not force his wife to leave. Burnworth began to use abusive language and be disruptive, so he was arrested and taken to jail.

•Matthew Darrell Drake, 36, of Hull, was charged with two counts of first-degree cruelty to children and three counts of felony terroristic threats and acts after Deputy Gary Floyd went to his Norwood Road home where Drake’s mother told him that Drake had been threatening her and other family members.

•Shekita Linett Davenport, 38, Hull, possession of a Schedule I Controlled Substance and speeding.

•Brandon Christopher Hale, 33, of Athens, was charged with DUI/drugs, failure to maintain lane, possession of methamphetamine and too fast for conditions following a report of a suspicious male in the area of Hwy. 72 and Holly Creek Church Road.

Sgt. Jason Gaddy was dispatched to the area where he met with the caller, who told him that the suspect told her he had run off the roadway and that he appeared to be under the influence of something.

Gaddy spotted a blue Dodge pickup truck out in the nearby cow pasture and a man wearing overalls walking around the truck. The man (Hale) had slurred speech and was unsteady on his feet. He had several bulges in his pockets and Gaddy patted him down and found a large knife and a baggie with suspected methamphetamine.

•Tiffany Danielle Brown, 26, Colbert, DUI/multiple substances, failure to maintain lane, marijuana possession less than an ounce, open container and reckless driving.

•Parissa Burton, 56, Winterville, DUI/alcohol and open container.

•Anthony Tarrell Hall, 36, Athens, adult restraint law seat belt, DUI/alcohol, open container, speeding and tires.

•Barbara Kate Rom, 39, Hull, tampering with evidence.


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