A Danielsville man was arrested for battery after he reportedly choked a woman.

Larry Joe Allen, 55, of Danielsville, was charged with two counts of battery on Jan. 15. Deputy Joshua Rice was dispatched to a Hwy. 98 residence regarding a domestic incident in which a drunken male had choked a female, who then locked him out of the house.

The male (Allen) came walking out from behind the house when Rice arrived and had bloody lacerations all over his face. He told Rice someone hit him with a pipe. Two more officers arrived as back up and Rice left Allen with them and went to speak to others at the scene.

A woman came out of the house and said Allen grabbed her by the throat. Rice noted her throat was red.

She said her daughter had also been involved and went to get her to speak with him.

Both women told Rice that Allen had been living at the home for about a year and that he goes back and forth from a camper parked in the yard. That evening, he got drunk and kept going in and out of the house and being verbally abusive towards both of them.

The older woman said she locked him out of the house and he started hitting and kicking the wall and door.

She said she opened the door and at that point he grabbed her and choked her, pushing her against the wall.

The daughter said she tried to break them up and that Allen also grabbed her by the neck.

The older woman said she hit Allen in the face as he choked her.

She also told Rice that earlier in the evening Allen stated that he would "slit (her) throat."

Allen did not say much about the incident other than he didn’t want to go to jail.

He was handcuffed at the scene and continued to be disorderly, telling officers he was hit with a rolling pin, not with the woman’s hands as she had stated. During transport to the jail, Allen continued to use obscene language aimed at Rice.

Other recent incidents included:

•Fredrick Antonio Appling, 51, of Colbert, was charged with one count of aggravated assault. Investigator Sam Beard arrived to find two females and a male standing on the front porch of the reported residence. One of the women stated that earlier while she was on the porch, she saw a green Dodge truck pull over near her driveway. She said she saw a black man walking near the truck but was unsure it was, but that she did know who owned the truck and that he lived a couple of houses down. She said she heard multiple shots fired near the truck and that it then left traveling toward Hwy. 72. She said she went inside and called 911.

The other woman said she was on the front porch when she saw the truck and someone walking away from it, then heard gunshots and ran inside. The man gave a similar statement.

Beard’s investigation determined that Appling shot towards another man but no one was injured, according to Capt. Jimmy Patton. He said a motive for the shooting has not yet been determined.

•Morton McLaughlin Wiggins, 34, Athens, felony theft by receiving stolen property. Deputy Derek Shelton was dispatched to a gas station on comer where he met with a woman who said she had located her stolen Kubota UTV. When he arrived the woman was standing next to what she believed to be her UTV and a man later identified as Wiggins. Wiggins said he had found it in the woods while he was walking and thought it’d be a “good idea” to take it. The woman said she was driving through comer and saw the UTV at the gas station so she parked next to it to see if it was hers. She recognized the key chain on it and called 911.

•The Carlton Volunteer Fire Department put out an electrical wiring fire in the attic of a house at 720 Elm Road in Carlton before it spread Monday, Jan. 20 shortly before 5 p.m.


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