A Danielsville man was arrested last week on drug charges and for violating a family violence order.

Josepha Kyle Evans, 31, was charged with possession of methamphetamine and violation of family violence order.

Sgt. Jason Gaddy was dispatched to Homestead Road regarding Evans possibly violating a Temporary Protection Order (TPO) and also having an active warrant against him.

Gaddy found Evans at the home on the phone and told him he was going to jail for the active warrant. Evans was on the phone with someone he said was his attorney.

During a search of his person, Gaddy found a plastic vial, which appeared to be crystal methamphetamine.

Evans claimed the shorts he was wearing were not his. A family member contradicted him, saying they were his shorts.

Other incidents on file at the sheriff’s office this week included:

•Deputy Mason Bennett was dispatched to Bugg Road for a possible overnight shooting. When he arrived on scene he found shell casings all over the roadway. He also noticed a car and a house with bullet holes in them. There were two females and a male in the driveway when he arrived.

The car, parked in the driveway of the home, had bullet holes in the windshield and passenger side door and the house had bullet holes in the windows and side of the house.

Bennett requested investigators come to the scene. He spoke with the people there and they told him that about 1:30 a.m. they heard a bunch of loud bangs, but assumed it was just fireworks. The man said when he woke up the next morning to walk the dog he noticed the bullet holes in the car.

One of the women said she was asleep during the incident but her 15-year old daughter was up and that she heard a “bunch of bangs” around 1:30 a.m. but didn’t get up to investigate. The woman said she found a bullet lying on her coffee table that morning.

•A woman on Belhaven Lane reported that an unknown male had exposed his genitalia to her about 8:30 a.m. that morning.

•Deputy Austin Shubert was dispatched to a burglary in progress on Hwy. 29 South. The caller said her door was kicked in and she didn’t know if anyone was still inside. Shubert cleared the scene and other deputies arrived to clear the residence. The door leading to the carport had been forcibly opened. Two flat screen TVs, and some jewelry were reported missing by the homeowner.

•A shed behind a home on Donald Bridges Road was destroyed by fire. The fire is believed to be arson. The owner of the shed said his girlfriend had confronted him at a nearby store about 30 minutes before the fire started, allegedly saying she would “f&*( his s%$@ up.” Danielsville Fire responded to put out the flames and the owner was told to make a list of what was in the shed. The incident remains under investigation.

•A couple on Roy Woods Road reported that a dirt bike and an air compressor were stole from his yard sometime overnight.

•Two general managers of the Valero on Hwy. 72 West reported that they believe two employees have been stealing cash from the cash registers. They said they had identified $1,500 missing so far. They said they would need to go through more cash register receipts to determine the exact amount and view the security camera footage.

•Deputy Carolyn Gibson reported that she spoke with a man on the phone about a theft by conversion. The man said a man called him and identified himself as a Madison County deputy and gave his badge number. He said he had active warrants for the man’s arrest for failing to register as a sex offender. He told him he needed to pay $1,000 to avoid arrest. The “officer” stayed on the phone with him as he went home to get the cash and then advised him to go to the Dollar General and purchase two Green Dot cards and give him the numbers over the phone. He complied.

Hours later, the man called his probation officer who told him he did not have an active warrant. At that point, he said he realized the money had been stolen. Gibson explained that is not the process that a sheriff’s officer would follow. Gibson then called the number that the man provided and a voicemail stated that it was Lt. Johnny Johnson with the sheriff’s office. Gibson immediately realized she was listening to someone who was not Lt. Johnson and was impersonating a police officer. The number is not associated with the sheriff’s office or with the officer in question.

•Aggravated stalking was reported on Jones Mathews Road last week. Cpl. Zach Brooks was dispatched to the scene for a TPO violation. He spoke with a woman who said she and her husband are separated and going through a divorce and that she has a TPO against him. She said he still keeps calling her and bothering her. She said just before Brooks’ arrival her husband was there trying to get inside the house where she and her two children were. He said he was there because the wanted to get some of his stuff and some property that belongs to one of his friends.

The woman provided a cell phone video showing the date and the suspect standing outside of her glass door yelling at her. He could be seen in the video standing right up against the glass. He then walked to his truck, started shouting and then ran back towards the glass. The camera then moved and the officer could see the woman picking up one of her children and stepping back away from the door. The suspect was then seen again against the glass shouting at her.

The woman stated that this is not the first time he has come to her house. Brooks noted that he would obtain a warrant for aggravated stalking on the suspect.


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