A Danielsville man was charged with family violence and kidnapping last week.

Michael Lumar Haggard, 39, was charged with one count each of criminal trespass family violence and kidnapping.

Deputy Kenneth Bowen was dispatched to a mobile home park on Hwy. 72 West regarding a domestic dispute. He met with a woman there who said she is Haggard’s live-in girlfriend and they have a child together. Bowen could tell that she was drunk and she admitted that she and Haggard had been drinking. She said Haggard said something inappropriate to her 7-year old and they began to argue and she locked him out of the house. He then reportedly broke the window. Bowen noted the broken glass and some blood on the outside of the home.

She said she eventually let Haggard back in and they began to argue again.

She asked him to leave at which point he went into the bedroom and took their 9-month-old daughter outside. She followed him and asked him to give the baby to her multiple times, she said. He eventually handed the baby to his older son, who, with others, had arrived during the argument.

He eventually jerked the baby out of her arms and left with several other people, including his older son and they left. She said the baby was in a car seat.

While Bowen was interviewing her, Haggard called several times and Bowen spoke to him. He told him that without being married to the mother and without court documents, he had no rights to the child. He was eventually located in Elbert County. His phone was pinged and Bowen asked Elbert County officers to check that area. He was eventually found and arrested. The child was not harmed and turned over to friend’s wife until her mother could get a ride to pick up her daughter from her mother.

While waiting on the victim’s ride, Bowen attempted to contact DFCS but no one answered. He noted that he did so due to the condition of the home, which had trash strewn about and cockroaches on the walls, floor and the ceiling.

Once the victim was picked up, Bowen drove to the Elbert County line and picked up Haggard from an Elbert County officer. He had dried blood on his hand, Bowen noted, likely from where he had broken a window at the home.

In another incident, Jane Elizabeth Harmon, 59, of Danielsville, was arrested twice last week, once on May 19 and again on May 22 for DUI/alcohol. In the first arrest, she was also charged with having an open container in the vehicle.

Other incidents on file at the sheriff’s office included:

•A 2005 Dodge Ram was stolen from a home on Gatewood Drive in Colbert last week. On May 22, Deputy Mason Bennett attempted to conduct a traffic stop that ended with a chase on the stolen truck. The chase ended with the vehicle crashing on Tabitha Ridge. The suspect was unable to be located at the crash scene.

•A concrete mixer was reportedly stolen from a home construction site on Mize Road.

•Investigator Christopher Guest and Inv. Sam Beard were investigating vehicle thefts in the county on May 19 and working with Athens-Clarke County investigators because they had cases of stolen vehicles involving the same suspects in Madison County.

The investigation led them to a residence and shop located on Neese Commerce Road. In speaking with shop owner, they learned that a suspect had brought a 1991 red Jeep Wrangler to his shop approximately two weeks before. The owner said that he traded a Chevrolet Avalanche to the suspect for the Jeep. The owner had obtained the Jeep from the suspect, saying that he was not aware it was stolen. He then traded the Jeep to someone else in Banks County for a camper. They then found the stolen Jeep at a home on Blacks Creek Church Road.

•Sgt. Mark Goodson was contacted by 911 regarding a juvenile male wanting to speak with a male deputy about a sensitive matter. The matter may involve computer child exploitation online.

•Warrants have been issued for a man who reportedly assaulted another man on Hudson River Church Road at Young Harris Road last week. Deputy Xavier Duncan was dispatched to meet with the victim, who told him that a man had come to his home on Hudson River Church Road in a black 2011 Ford Mustang and he asked this person to take him to the end of the road to an unknown address to check on his girlfriend who has not returned home for a few days.

After they left, the man began to drive at a high rate of speed and refused to slow down. He then began striking the victim inside the moving vehicle. The driver then brought the vehicle to a stop at Young Harris Road and he attempted get out and the man drove off with him hanging half way out.

The victim had multiple injuries and appeared to be in pain. He was checked out by EMS and went to the hospital by private vehicle with a family member.

One witness told Duncan that she was behind the Mustang and saw the altercation and that she followed it. When she saw the victim fall out, the victim ran to her vehicle and got inside. The Mustang then turned around and came towards her car and the driver got out and told her not to call authorities. He then returned to the Mustang and left.

She then drove the victim to his parents’ house where they called 911.

•A pregnant 25-year-old woman complained of stomach and pelvic pain after the vehicle she was driving struck a black cow in the roadway as she traveled south on Hwy. 191 in Comer at 9:38 p.m., May 23. Her vehicle’s airbag deployed in the wreck.

•Four people were taken to a local hospital for non life-threatening injuries after a two-vehicle accident at Hwy. 72 and McCannon Morris Road at 12:13 a.m., May 19.

•A pickup truck overturned in an accident at Hwy. 72 and Paoli Road at 2:22 p.m., May 22.

•A two-vehicle accident was reported at Hudson Rivers Church Road and Wesley Chapel Road at 6:12 p.m., May 23.

•A person suffered abrasions and possible head trauma in an accident on Hwy. 72 at 1:55 p.m., May 24.


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