A 58-year-old Danielsville man was arrested after allegedly pointing a gun in a woman’s face and firing the weapon in the home.

Chuck McQueen Gee III, 58, of Danielsville, was charged with one count of aggravated assault following an incident last week on Hudson River Church Road.

Deputy Derek Shelton was dispatched to the scene on Sept. 13 regarding a possible medical call. Dispatch told Shelton that the male caller stated to “hurry up, it was going to get bad” and that he sounded as if he was short of breath.

Shelton found the door to the residence open but no one answered when he knocked and announced his presence. He could hear talking from inside so he entered the home, again announcing his presence.

He made contact with a man, later identified as Gee, followed by another man who turned out to be his son, in the hallway.

Shelton noted that Gee had dried blood on his face and around his nose and mouth. He also admitted that he had been drinking. Gee kept saying they needed to go and nodding his head toward his son and saying something about a balloon blowing up. The son requested to speak with Shelton outside away from his father.

Once on the porch, the son stated that his father had been drinking all night and was upset about a bank scam he was alerted to by a phone app. He said the only other person inside the house was his girlfriend.

The son said Gee had blood on his face because he punched him when he “put a shotgun in his (girlfriend’s) face.”

His girlfriend said she woke up with the shotgun in her face and that Gee had discharged the shotgun inside the house. Both the son and his girlfriend stated they didn’t want to file charges, they just wanted to leave.

Shelton found a hole in the floor and what appeared to be burn marks from gunpowder. Gee denied putting a gun in the woman’s face or firing one in the house. He said his face was bloody from walking into a door. Due to the evidence, Gee was informed he was being arrested and taken to jail. A shotgun was found and taken as evidence.

While transporting Gee to jail he reportedly told Shelton he was going to have to “shoot his son.”

Other incidents on file at the sheriff’s office last week included:

•A possible child molestation was reported in the county on Sept. 12.

•A gas drive-off was reported at the Royal Food Store in Ila.

•Two incidents of people having suicidal thoughts and being transported for treatment were reported last week.

•A man found walking in the highway on Hwy. 29 South at Strickland Circle was transported to Piedmont Athens Regional Medical Center after a deputy determined that he was delusional and posed a threat to himself and the public.

On Friday, Sept. 13, while on patrol a deputy saw the white male and almost struck him as he was walking along the white fog line and into the patrol car’s path.

He got behind the man who continued walking southbound and sounded his air horn, which startled the man, making the deputy believe the man did not realize where he was.

He got out with the man, noting that he was wearing a hospital arm band and said he had been at “Regional.” He also said he was waiting on another man named “Travis” to come get him.

Dispatch was unable to locate Travis using the number the man provided and they also informed the deputy that Piedmont said they had released him earlier in the day after he was treated for chest pains.

While the deputy obtained this information, he observed the man walking around his patrol car in circles and then into the middle of the southbound lane of the highway.

The deputy told the man to get in the grass on the side of the road and at that point the man told him he was seeing snakes all around him.

He was transported back to Piedmont for an involuntary mental evaluation.

•Deputy Winford Adams responded to a report of an armed person firing multiple shots at a man’s residence on A C Carey Road last week. The call came in about 1:44 a.m. on Sept. 14. Adams responded with lights and siren. The caller also stated that the alleged shooter, a woman, had held a gun to her head and threatened to kill herself, forcing him to drive her to a nearby home on the same road. Adams spoke with the woman whom he noted appeard to be “calm and collected.” She told him that she and the caller had argued and that she wanted him to take her to her current location. She said when she got out, the caller spun his tires as he left. She also said the caller had shattered the screen on her phone during their argument. She also said she did not own a handgun.

Adams then went to speak to the caller, who told Adams that the woman had been going through his phone sending messages to female contacts and when he tried to get it away from her, she became angry. He said he refused to drive her anywhere and when he walked away from her in the yard she produced a black handgun and fired off several rounds, then held the gun to her head so that he would drive her where she wanted to go.

While on the scene, Adams located several 9mm casings in the yard that were not wet from a previous rain. He went back to the woman and the homeowner there allowed for a search of the residence. Several firearms were located, but none that matched the bullets collected. The parties were told to remain separate and advised of all available remedies. No arrests were made.

•A dog was reportedly shot on Buford Carey Road Sept. 14. A homeowner there said he woke up around 7:15 a.m. that morning and let his dog out of the house to go use the bathroom and shortly after that he heard a gunshot. The dog came back to the house with a gunshot wound to his right shoulder. The man said he took the dog to the vet and the dog was going to be OK. The man named a possible suspect and animal control was to follow up with him.


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