A Danielsville woman was arrested on family violence charges last week after she reportedly scratched her husband, jumped on his car and kicked in the windshield during an argument in the parking lot of Friendship Baptist Church on Friendship Church Road last week.

Jamie Lee O’Dillon, 25, was charged with battery family violence and criminal trespass family violence.

On Feb 9, Deputy Gary Floyd was dispatched to the church where he found several parked cars and several individuals arguing. Those at the scene included both mothers of the couple and another male witness.

He separated them and spoke with the victim by himself. The man stated that he and his wife (O’Dillon) had been arguing that day and they met at the church parking lot where it became heated.

He said his wife attacked him by pulling on his shirt and scratching him on the chest. As she was attacking him, O’Dillon reportedly called her mother, who then came to the church, while he (victim) went and got in his vehicle, a 2002 Honda Civic.

At that point, O’Dillon allegedly jumped onto the roof of his car and began kicking the windshield in while her mother reached inside the car and pulled up the emergency brake and grabbed his keys.

Her mother told Floyd she did this to prevent the victim from driving away with her daughter on the roof of the car and causing her to get hurt.

O’Dillon was getting down off of the car as Floyd drove in, the deputy noted.

The 911 caller (the victim’s mother) stated her son called her and told her he and O’Dillon were arguing. She and a man then went to the church in separate cars. The man arrived in time to see O’Dillon jump up on the car and kick the windshield in.

O’Dillon said the argument started over her husband grabbing the car title to their Ford Mustang out of the console and she wanted it back. She admitted to Floyd that she did indeed jump up on the roof and kick in the windshield.

O’Dillon was arrested and taken to jail and both vehicles were turned over to the husband. Floyd noted that the victim did have “clear foot-long scratch wounds to his upper chest” but he declined medical attention.

In another incident, a home invasion was reported on Norwood Road last week. Deputy Kimberly Keenan and Cpl. Joshua Smith were dispatched to the scene where a pregnant female was requesting EMS. Keenan arrived and spoke to the woman’s boyfriend. Smith and EMS arrived shortly afterwards.

The woman, who was 33 weeks pregnant, was reportedly pushed to the floor by one of the assailants. She was checked out by EMS and refused further treatment.

The boyfriend said he was gone to the store for just a few minutes when the incident happened and that his girlfriend had contacted him by phone. As he was on his way home he said he saw two men walking on the road.

The woman said she was in her bedroom when behind the kitchen when she heard someone enter her home through the front door and scream “Joey.” She came out of the bedroom and saw two males dressed in all black, with “boot-type shoes” and black face masks. She said one was about 5’8” and 200 or so pounds and that she believed he was Black because she could see the color of his skin around the mask holes on his face. He also had a black pistol in his right hand, she said.

The woman said the other man was about four inches shorter, maybe 140 pounds and white as she could also see his skin color around his eyes.

As soon as she saw them she said she ran to her kitchen sink and grabbed a knife and the smaller man grabbed her from behind and pulled her backwards, holding her while the other man was throwing things around her kitchen area.

He then went into the living room and told the other man they needed to get the TV and the man holding her pushed her into the living room where fell chest down onto her son’s car seat and rolled to her back.

She told the men her boyfriend was on his way and the larger man said “we need to get out of here” and they left through the front door. She said the only thing she knows that they took was a $20 bill lying on a table in the living room.

She said once they left she called her boyfriend and 911. Her small son was sleeping in a back bedroom and was not awakened.

She said she believed that the men were calling for her best friend’s ex-boyfriend who lives nearby and who was arrested recently following an incident she was involved in.

She also reported that a silver van had pulled into her driveway that day twice and then backed out but that she couldn’t see who was inside it due to the window tint.

The incident was turned over to investigations.

Other incidents on file last week included:

•A woman on George Johnson Road reported that someone broke into her 1996 GMC Sierra overnight and stole her firearm.

•A man on East Jones Chapel Road reported that a female friend of his stole his 1999 black Chevy Silverado and was heading into Athens at that time. He said they were outside and he went into his shop to go to the bathroom and when he returned the truck was gone. He said a black Glock 357 was inside the truck along with his wallet, ID and bank cards. Clarke County was informed to be on the lookout for the truck.


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