An elderly man was arrested on felony burglary charges last week after a tenant of his called 911.

Nathan Paul Green, 85, Athens, was charged with felony first-degree burglary.

Two tenants called 911 to report that they woke up with their landlord (Greene) standing over them in their bedroom trying to kick them out. The couple said they are about three months behind on their $500 per month rent. They said they were woken about 7:45 a.m. by Green shining a flashlight in their faces and demanding that they vacate the property.

They said Green shut off their water about two months prior to this. The male tenant said he also suspects Green has been stealing items from inside the apartment and tools from the back porch.

He said someone had stolen a flat screen TV, a chainsaw, a weedeater and various other tools while they were away.

They also said there was a handwritten note telling them they were behind on rent, listed the missing property and stating that they needed to be out by Oct. 4. They did not report the missing items at the time, but after Green came inside the apartment that morning they decided to call. The woman said she was afraid to remain in the apartment due to Green’s behavior.

Officers went next door to speak with Green who immediately said “I have drug addicts and I'm trying to get them out of there.” He said they owed him $2,000 and that he had been “helping” going in their apartment and moving, putting stuff together so that it wouldn’t be so hard on them when they moved. Officers explained to him that he did not have the authority to enter the residence without permission and move their property and that he would have to go through the eviction process.

He then stated “I got it up there in the shop up there” as he pointed toward a large shed behind his house. He also said the well went dry and that’s why there was no water. After reviewing all the items stored in the shed, which Green admitted to moving there, officers arrested him for first-degree burglary.

In another arrest, Jermiah Dashawn Barnard, 26, of Bowman, was charged with DUI/alcohol, failure to maintain lane, open container and public indecency following a traffic stop at a gas station in Danielsville.

Sgt. Mark Goodson was informed of a reckless driver in a silver Honda Accord in the area. He found the car parked at the gas pumps of a convenience store on Hwy. 29 North and waited for him to pull out before getting behind him to initiate a traffic stop. He observed the driver crossing the centerline several times and stopped the car in another gas station parking lot. There were two empty wine bottles on the floorboard of the car. He was asked to perform field sobriety tests and said he would but that he needed to “pee” but was told he could not. He proceeded to unzip his pants and pee in the parking lot of the gas station anyway in plain view of the public. He then showed his hands, said he felt better and was ready to perform field sobriety testing.

Other arrests on file at the sheriff’s office this week included:

•Jesse D. Davis, 41, Danielsville, was charged with sexual battery misdemeanor after he allegedly thrust his groin into the buttocks of a fellow shopper at the Dollar General on Hanley Road. Another woman also witnessed the incident and said she thought they must be “together” though the victim said she did not know Davis. The witness also said the man got under some racks and she thought he might be trying to look up her dress so she moved away from him. Davis was across the road at a gas station and deputies had to empty the store and order him out of the restroom in order to restrain him. He told officers he had a methamphetamine problem. It was also determined he had an outstanding warrant from another area. It was later determined that several reports earlier in the shift about a suspicious person in the area of Northwood Circle and Griffeth who was in his underwear and possibly stacking beer cans in the road. The complainant at that call was able to provide a picture of the suspect and it was determined to be Davis.

Other arrests on file with the Madison County Sheriff’s Office this week included:

•Joni Lynn Black, 41, Royston, three counts of probation violation.

•Tony Devon Bullins, 62, Colbert, felony theft by taking and four counts of probation violations.

•Cager Edward Cheek, 43, Crawford, failure to appear.

•Jimmy Charles Ellis, 61, Hull, probation violation.

•Derrick Sharmon Faust, 27, Athens, probation violation.

•Toni Mae Huskey, 58, Athens, probation violation.

•Samantha Ruth Jordan, 31, Hull, probation violation.

•Michael Lee Kiser, 33, Watkinsville, felony theft by taking.

•Dylan Shawn Mann, 19, Royston, hold for Royston PD.

•Marquies Javante Newton, 28, Colbert, false report of a crime, felony terroristic threat and acts and two counts of probation violation.

•Muhammed Dewayne Price, 53, Tignall, disorderly conduct.

•Jesse Smith, 48, Danielsville, possession and use of drug-related objects, possession of a Schedule II Controlled Substance, possession of a firearm or knife during the commission of or attempt to commit certain crimes, purchase, possession or transport of a firearm by a convicted felon or felony first responder.

•Valerie Questhia Thomas, 47, Colbert, driving while license suspended or revoked, knowingly driving a motor vehicle on suspended, canceled or revoked registration, no insurance, probation violation and two counts of aggravated assault.

•Shyricus Kendron Thornton, 26, Hartwell, approaching authorized emergency vehicle, drugs not in original container, DUI/drugs and possession of a Schedule I or II Controlled Substance with intent to distribute.

•Stephanie Elizabeth Yawn, 36, Cornelia, DUI/drugs.

•Jesse David Young, 36, Danielsville, probation violation and willful obstruction of law enforcement officers.

•Floyd Preston Alewine, 64, Colbert, hold for Oglethorpe County.

•Michael Dean Bledsoe, 31, Toccoa, felony deposit account fraud (bad checks) $1,500 or more.

•Auatelensia Quintel Bush, 29, Elberton, criminal trespass and theft by taking.

•Alex David Castro, 21, Gainesville, driving without a valid license and speeding.

•Travis Lee Cowart, 43, Danielsville, three counts of failure to appear. (Danielsville PD).

•Dedrick Raytran Davenport, 43, Athens, aggravated assault and battery family violence.

•Sharon Lynn Joiner, 50, Carlton, deposit account fraud (bad checks less than $1,499).

•William Brian Joiner, 54, Danielsville, driving while license suspended or revoked, expired or no registration or title, marijuana possession less than an ounce and possession and use of drug-related objects.

•Jason Adam McCrackin, 40, Athens, theft by taking.

•Antonio Rodriuez Shropshire, 29, Colbert, theft by taking.

•Ryan Lamar Smith, 43, Nicholson, drugs not in original container and DUI/drugs.


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