Five people were arrested recently following a fight in Country Living Mobile Home Park on Hwy. 72 West. Roger Dale Pressley, 29, 55 Pace Drive, Nicholson, was charged with disorderly conduct; while Scottie Dale Pressley, 27, 129 Pace Drive, Nicholson, Jeffery Jay Green, 20, 715 Harve Mathis Road, Athens, Travis Blake Hamilton, 23, 2554 Hardman Morris Road, Colbert, and Stephen S. Hamilton, 25, no address listed, were charged with affray (fighting).

According to the incident report, deputies responded to a “fight in progress” at Country Living Mobile Home Park last Monday, where they found several people in the yard of Lot 7, yelling at each other. Two of the subjects, T. Hamilton and Green, were pushing each other. Three of the suspects were arrested on scene, and warrants were issued for S. Hamilton and S. Pressley.

In another incident, a Florida woman was arrested recently following an altercation with her brother on Quagin Drive.

Carolyn Renee Raymond, 30, 1214 Old Lawdy Road, Spark, Fla., was charged with criminal damage to property in the second degree and two counts of simple battery after she allegedly struck her brother and another man and busted out the back window of her brother’s SUV.

According to the incident report, Raymond’s brother said they were at Country Rock in Athens when they were asked to leave because his sister was intoxicated and they had gotten into an altercation. On the way home, and after they arrived, the victim said his sister continued to act “out of control” striking him and another man. After the others went inside, leaving Raymond outside, they heard breaking glass and saw her throwing a cement block at the SUV. Raymond had left prior to the officers’ arrival, but they found her lying on the edge of the road after they turned onto Della Slaton Road. When her name was called, she responded and was observed to be unsteady on her feet and had alcohol on her breath. She was placed under arrest without incident, but questioned the officers as to why she was being arrested. When told of the charges, she reportedly said she was going to “get” her brother for doing this to her.

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