A Gillsville man was arrested last week following a confrontation at the four-way stop in Ila that was witnessed by a deputy.

Troy Lewis Ward, 39, was charged with violation of child restraint law, DUI/alcohol and endangering a child by DUI/alcohol or drugs.

Officer Jason Ring was approaching the four-way stop in Ila when he noticed two vehicles stopped and the driver from the front vehicle confronting the driver in the second vehicle. Ring first thought that there was an accident that had occurred, but when he approached them he noticed that the driver of the first vehicle was yelling at the driver in the second vehicle. This driver advised Ring when he pulled up to them that the truck (second vehicle) almost caused a crash on Hwy. 98 West as they were coming from the Jackson County area. He also advised that the driver (Ward) had been drinking and had an open container in his vehicle. Ring then told both of them to pull their vehicles into the parking lot of a nearby business.

Ward admitted to drinking and his speech was slurred, according to the report. The witness and his girlfriend, who was in another vehicle with the witness’s child, were very upset saying that Ward had almost caused an accident and put the child and their lives in danger by passing them when another vehicle was approaching as they all traveled on Hwy. 98. Inside Ward’s truck was a 7-year-old child in a regular seatbelt, not a child safety seat.

Other incidents on file at the sheriff’s office this week included:

•A man on Hwy. 29 South reported that copper piping had been stolen from the side of his house. A Ring security camera on the front of his house showed a man in what appeared to a dark-colored tank top and white hat get out of a silver four-door passenger car that pulled into the driveway. The camera was not positioned to show the actual theft, according to the report. The camera also recorded the same man at the home few days earlier.

•A shooting occurred at a mobile home park on Hardman Morris Road last week. The victim left the scene before officers arrived and went to St. Mary’s Hospital for treatment. Officers met with the offender at the scene. She was also the caller. The woman said she was cleaning her carpet all day and she called the victim to come home and assist her. She said when the victim arrived, she came inside angry about her wedding dress. The woman said she was sitting on her bed when the victim arrived and confronted her about the dress and jokingly told her she had gotten rid of the dress. She said the victim got angry, grabbed her around the throat and began choking her, stating she was going to kill her. She said she tried to tell her she could not breathe and to get off of her and thought she was about to pass out. She said she grabbed her gun from under her pillow, pointed the gun at the dresser and fired it, thinking she had hit the dresser. She said she did not know if she shot the victim or not as she is a “big girl” and may have been shot in the butt. Madison County Sheriff's Office Investigators responded to the scene, and the investigation was turned over to them. The Beretta that the woman used was secured as evidence by investigators. No one was arrested at the time.

•A man on Belhaven Lane reported that he was chasing suspects in a U-Haul who had possibly stolen from his home. The suspects ditched the U-Haul on Noketchee Creek Road in Clarke County and then took off on foot. The homeowner told the responding deputy that his mother heard a bang and saw flashlights in the yard and he went down to his shop where he saw two males jump into a U-Haul parked on Creekwood Cove and take off. At that point, there were no signs of damage or signs of anything being stolen. A Clarke County officer stated that the U-Haul had a safe in the back with checks listed to Classic City Bonding in Madison County.

In a related incident, about 6 a.m. on Nov. 23, Sgt. Mark Goodson responded to a burglary at Classic City Bonding.

The front gate had been forced open by using a vehicle to ram it. There was also a black purse lying on the ground in front of the business porch. The double hung doors had also been forced open. The safe was missing and files and papers were scattered on the floor. The scene was turned over to investigators. The U-Haul and safe were impounded by the Clarke County and Madison County sheriff’s offices.

•Several accidents with deer were reported by motorists around the county.

•Several deer that were found injured on county roads had to be put down by officers last week.

•An officer was dispatched to Piedmont Athens Regional about 1:40 a.m. regarding a report of an assault victim in the emergency room. The victim had facial injuries from an assault somewhere in Madison County. The victim’s address was Berkeley Road, Carlton. The victim said he had been assaulted by a male at his residence sometime between 10:45 and 11 p.m. on Nov. 25 and named several witnesses to include his parents and girlfriend. Photos were taken of his injuries.

•A juvenile reportedly attempted to jump out of a moving vehicle on Nov. 26 in the area of Hwy. 98 West and Eugene Hardman Road. They arrived to find both the driver and the juvenile passenger with bloody lips.

The man said the juvenile hit him in the face while he was driving causing his glasses to fall off of his face.

He said he stopped and the child tried to get out and he grabbed her by the hair to keep her from running away.

The girl said they were talking and spoke about a sensitive subject and he had punched her in the face. She stated she hit him back in the face. She also stated that he had pinned her head down, by grabbing her hair, to the point where she could not breath until officers arrived on scene. The man was instructed to go to the sheriff’s office and the girl was transported there in a patrol vehicle.

Both filled out a written statement and an officer spoke to a DFACS worker on the phone. Attempts were made to reach her biological father but he could not be contacted. The DFACS worker advised officers to release her back to the man’s custody and she was taken to his residence in a patrol vehicle. A juvenile complaint form was completed for unruly juvenile and battery family violence and reports were sent to DFACS and the Department of Juvenile Justice (DJJ).

•A TV and sound bar were taken from a home on Sanford Road last week.

•A woman on Roger’s Mill Road reported someone shooting a deer on her property about 8 p.m. on Nov. 27.

The woman said she had been in her garage when she heard a gunshot near her house. She saw a red Chevrolet two-tone (red on top, silver on the bottom) pickup parked on her property and yelled at the people in the truck and saw two more cross back across Roger’s Mill Road. She said she saw two males in the headlights of the truck and believed they shot a deer in the dark on her property.

A dead deer was found with a single gunshot wound to the head. DNR requested a photo of the deer be sent to them. The deer was left for the homeowner to turn over to a family member for processing. They later received another phone call from the woman stating the truck was back in the area searching for the deer. Officers went to the area but were unable to locate it.

•A woman reported that her daughter was choked by someone in the parking lot of a store on Hwy. 98. The daughter told an officer that she was heading home and felt sick to her stomach. She said she pulled into the Valero store and a woman she knows pulled in beside her. She said she did not know the woman was following her. She said the woman cursed at her, told her to shut up and took her phone from her and began to choke her until she blacked out.


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