A homeless man was arrested after his wife called 911 to report that he was heading to her home armed with a knife.

Stacy Allen Fowler, 45, was charged with aggravated assault and felony first-degree burglary.

Deputy William Townsend spoke with the wife by phone, who told him that she had just gotten off the phone with a cousin who lives on Gillispie Drive in Hull who told her that Fowler was very intoxicated, had a knife and had been walking around in their house before leaving in a black Chrysler 200 to head toward her (wife’s) house.

Townsend told her he would head toward her home and be on the lookout for Fowler and in the meantime that she should keep her doors locked and call 911 again if he showed up.

As Townsend was approaching the home, he received information from dispatch that Fowler had shown up there and kicked in the front door. Townsend noted that he arrived seconds later to find the door standing wide open and the Chrysler parked in the front yard with the engine still running and music playing loudly.

Townsend prepared his service weapon and activated his weapon-mounted flashlight as he entered the home where he could hear voices coming from a bedroom. A female’s voice was saying “You need to leave Stacy you need to leave now.”

As he got to the door he saw Fowler coming out of the bathroom holding a large knife pointed “in an offensive manner.” Townsend yelled at him drop the knife and he complied.

Townsend then ordered him to lie on the floor on his stomach and put his hands behind his back.

After handcuffing Fowler, his wife was found hiding in the bedroom closet.

After taking Fowler to the patrol car, he spoke with both the wife and her cousin. Fowler’s wife told him that after getting off the phone with him she immediately locked herself in the bedroom and hid in the closet. The cousin said she was standing in front of the bedroom door when Fowler arrived and that he rammed his wife’s car before kicking in the front door when she refused to let him in.

The cousin said he was brandishing the knife as he came in and grabbed her by the shirt to jerk her away from the bedroom door, causing her glasses off her face and breaking her necklace. He then kicked in the bedroom door and went into the bathroom to search for his wife and that’s when Townsend arrived.

The knife had blood on it, consistent with a cut on Fowler’s hand. Fowler was taken to jail and booked.

Other arrests on file at the sheriff’s office this week included:

•Tina Michelle Smith, 41, of Danielsville, was arrested on one count of criminal trespass family violence.

Deputy Tracy Rucker was dispatched to Colbert-Danielsville Road regarding a 911 hang up. He spoke with an “extremely intoxicated” woman there who told him that Smith had her boyfriend had hit her. When Rucker asked her where he had hit her, she just stared at him, then said, “look at my face.” Rucker shined his flashlight on her but did not see any marks on her face. She kept repeating this each time she was asked about where her boyfriend had allegedly struck her.

Her boyfriend was sitting on the front porch and he told officers that he went to Walmart for his girlfriend and she told him that her ex-husband had purchased a much more expensive ring for her when she was with him. This comment made him angry so he went out on the porch to sit. He stated he did not hit her.

Both were asked if they had somewhere else they could go so they would be separated from each other and both said they did not. In lieu of this, Rucker told them to spend the night in separate rooms and officers left.

About 30 minutes later, Rucker was called back to the home. This time, the boyfriend told him that Smith told him after officers left that he better not come back in the house and locked the door. He said he pushed the door open anyway and she grabbed kitchen knife and threatened to kill him, so he came back to the porch.

Smith told a different story. She said right after they left, her boyfriend came in and punched her in the left eye. Once again, she showed no signs of having been hit. She then said the front door had been kicked in, but Rucker could tell it had not been.

Smith then stated that Rucker just needed to take her boyfriend to jail because because he has a history of hitting women at least seven times in the past. Rucker told her he could not jail her boyfriend because of past incidents.

She then began to curse at Rucker.

Smith eventually began to hit the wall with her fists, breaking a picture frame. At that point, she was arrested and taken to jail. While on the way, Smith began to bang her head repeatedly on the partition and screamed “at the top of her lungs.” Once at the jail, she had to be placed in the restraint chair.

•Douglas Edward Watkins, 52, of Colbert, was charged with one count of battery.

Deputy Joshua Rice was dispatched to a personal care home on Hwy. 72 regarding a physical domestic dispute where Investigator Sam Beard was already on scene and speaking with the victim, who had blood on her hand.

Beard told Rice that Watkins was still in the residence.

Rice and another officer went inside where they spotted Watkins at the end of a long hallway. Rice yelled down the hallway and Watkins replied something to the effect of “Do you like living in my country?”

Rice was able to get Watkins to the living room and sit on a bench where he proceeded to tell him that there had been an altercation over some money and he believed he was not being given the correct amount. He denied hitting the victim and said he just pushed her and she hit something and that was why she was bleeding.

A witness to the incident disputed this and Watkins was informed he would be arrested. He refused to stand up and deputies had to pull him up to handcuff him. Beard told Rice that the victim had blood on her lip and nose as well as lacerations to her right eye and that he had taken photos. She was transported to a hospital for treatment by ambulance.

The witness said Watkins had slapped the victim’s glasses off, pushed her down on the couch and began swinging at her.

•Adrianna Lee Booth, 30, Dewy Rose, failure to appear.

•Adrienne Margurite Coley, 46, homeless, hold for White County.

•Adam Ray Evans, 27, Danielsville, probation violation.

•Derrick Sharmon Faust, 26, Athens, probation violation.

•Michael Dibiase Faust, 38, Athens, probation violation.

•Carly O’Neal Fields, 27, Comer, battery family violence.

•Leonard Nathaniel Peragine, 58, homeless, probation violation.

•Rene Ramirez, 40, homeless, probation violation.

•Erik James Richardson, 38, Crawford, probation violation.

•Angela Renee Bruce, 43, Commerce, battery family violence, third degree cruelty to children and obstruction or hindering persons making emergency telephone call.

•Tony Devon Bullins, 60, Colbert, driving while license suspended or revoked and failure to obey stop sign.

•Leslie Lorenz Chandler, 50, Colbert, contempt of court.

•Gary Alan Cordell, 56, Toccoa, failure to appear.

•Jennifer Nicole Guinn, 30, Good Hope, second degree criminal damage to property and simple battery family violence.

•Clyde Ray Huskins, 51, Colbert, DUI/alcohol, failure to drive within single lane and open container.

•John Avin King, Jr., 48, Hull, probation violation.

•Jennings Thomas Limehouse, 54, Central, SC, failure to appear.


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