A Hull man was charged with terroristic threats and unlawful conduct during a 911 call last week.

Sherman Chapman, 62, was arrested on one count of terroristic threats and acts and two counts of unlawful conduct during a 911 call by using obscene/vulgar/profane language to intimidate.

Deputy Joshua Smith and other officers were dispatched to an Adams Duncan Road residence regarding a man the caller knew being on his property.

Dispatch told officers that the caller, Chapman, was cursing at them during the call.

Smith listened in on the call while in route and heard Chapman using profanity. When officers arrived Chapman met them on the front porch.

Sherman was “continuously cursing and irate” stating the man he knew had been to his house banging on his door wanting cigarettes. He also made statements of intending to do harm to this man if law enforcement did not do something and cursed at officers.

They spoke to the man (a neighbor) that Chapman was referring to who was at his own home. The man stated he did not go to Chapman’s house but that Chapman had called him multiple times telling him he would sell him cigarettes if he would come over. There were six phone calls from Chapman on the man’s cell phone.

Chapman was arrested and taken to jail.

In another incident, a Danielsville man was arrested following a single-vehicle wreck on Hwy. 98 last week.

Cory Blake Haggard, 30, was charged with littering highway, contributing or furnishing alcohol to a minor, two counts of allowing unlicensed person to drive, contributing to the delinquency or dependency of a minor, two counts of interference with custody and two counts of reckless conduct.

Deputy Joshua Smith was dispatched to the scene at McGee Fitzpatrick Road where a gray Ford Fiesta had run off the road and hit an embankment but reportedly had no injuries.

Dispatch said a passing motorist stopped to check on the vehicle’s occupants and they asked him not to call 911.

Smith found the Fiesta nose first against an embankment at the intersection of Hwy. 98 and Allen Road. There was no one around the vehicle, which had extensive front end damage and both front airbags deployed.

Smith then contacted the person who reported the accident who told him that she saw two white males, with one wearing a gray shirt. The caller said the one seated in the passenger side of the Fiesta started to call 911 but the driver told him not to call.

As Smith was looking around, he was approached by a man later identified as Haggard.

Haggard was intoxicated with glassy/bloodshot eyes. He had been brought back to the scene by another man.

This man later told Smith that Haggard had had someone take him away from the scene after which Haggard called him and told him he had wrecked the car.

Haggard reportedly told Smith “I am the vehicle owner and I'm going to tell you the truth and nothing but the truth.” He went on to say he was in the front passenger seat and the vehicle was driven by a 16-year-old when they left a house on Sammy Haggard Drive to go to the Food Mart, about a mile west of the accident location.

After leaving the Food Mart, Haggard said the 16-year old switched places with a 13-year old, who was then driving the Fiesta. Haggard said the 13-year old was “driving good” but took the turn too fast and hit the ditch.

The two juveniles arrived back at the scene followed by their parents and were questioned in their parents’ presence.

The boys said they were “peer pressured” into driving Haggard to the store because he was drunk.

The 13-year old said he turned while going too fast and hit the ditch and that Haggard took his beer and threw it over the fence and proceeded to show him the one-pint bottle of Smirnoff Ice lying in the ditch a few feet away from the accident scene. He also showed him where a 12-pack of beer had been thrown up the bank over a fence and into a briar thicket. Both sets of parents said their boys did not have permission to be with Haggard.

Other arrests on file this week at the sheriff’s office included:

•Aileen Jovanna Teran, 21, of Hull, was charged with simple assault last week following a domestic dispute. Deputy Joshua Smith went to a home on Maplewood Lane where a woman was reportedly throwing items around.

He was met at the door by the complainant and his mother. The mother said it all started when Teran (her daughter) asked for a phone charger and she told her she did not have one. She said Teran began throwing stuff at her and her (Teran’s) brother. The boy had liquid stains on his shirt and a white substance that looked like lotion on his head. The mother also had a substance thrown on her that she believed to be soap. There were also other items thrown on the walls and around the house. Teran was in the bathroom and initially refused to come out. She said she had been attacked by her brother and locked in the bathroom by her mother. Based on the physical evidence at the scene, she was arrested and taken to jail.

•Tamiyah Niyanle Laster, 18, of Colbert, was charged with one count of disorderly conduct. Deputy Josie Weaver was dispatched to the home for a domestic dispute. Weaver found Laster “hollering” on the front porch. She told Weaver there was no reason for her to be there and she could leave. Weaver went inside and spoke with Laster’s mother who said that her daughter was very agitated when she came home from work and began screaming at her other two children who were eating supper at the kitchen table because she couldn’t find her phone charger. The mother said she told her daughter to leave if she couldn’t respect house rules and not yell at anyone in the home. Laster came in and interrupted the interview and Weaver told her she would get her statement later. Laster continued to holler at her mother and scream a profanity. She was then arrested for disorderly conduct.

•Tiffany Hope Kincaid, 31, of Hull, was charged with battery-family violence and third degree cruelty to children.

Cpl. Austin Dean was dispatched to Jones Mathews Road regarding a domestic dispute. Lt. Jason Ring was already on scene. They spoke to the complainant who said he and his wife were arguing when it turned into a physical altercation. They were in the backyard and talking while their kids were in the front yard playing when things began to escalate and he told officers he decided to leave. After he got in his truck he said he saw his wife (Kincaid) going toward one of their children with her hand raised as if she were going to strike the child. He said he got out and told the other two children to go inside and then picked up the other child to take him with him for the evening. As he was trying to put the child in the truck he said Kincaid began grabbing at him trying to get the child out of his hands, ripping his shirt. He also had several lacerations on his arm. He also told officers the argument began when the child in his arms told him that his mother had only fed him hot dog buns earlier in the week. Kincaid said she didn’t intend to hit the child but was only going to ask him why he told his father that. She also said she didn’t hit her husband but only that he tried to push her away. Officers also obtained a report from November 2019 about a physical domestic incident. The Department of Family and Childrens Services (DFACS) was contacted to investigate and develop a safety plan for the children, then released to their father.

•Randy Jesse Ayers, 30, probation violation.

•Cody Andrew Burbage, 19, Hull, driving while license suspended or revoked, DUI/drugs, failure to maintain lane, possession and use of drug-related objects, possession of methamphetamine and tail lights required.

•Kevin Lafayette Burton, Jr., 21, Winterville, criminal trespass.

•Andrew Vincent Guest, 47, Elberton, probation violation.

•William Jacqavious Howard, 22, Hull, failure to appear.

•Jonathan Edward Nunnley, 36, Hull, probation violation.

•Michael Brian Stephenson, 39, Commerce, probation violation.

•Elijah Noel Wessinger, 17, Hull, violation of a family violence order.

•Thomas Franklin Wood, 33, Hull, failure to appear.

•Arely Yosselin Arellano, 25, Hull, failure to appear.

•Jesse Loreanzil Arredondo, 19, Jefferson, felony theft by taking and two counts of entering automobile or other motor vehicle with intent to commit theft or felony.

•Gregory Lecoy Jennings, 17, Colbert, entering automobile or other motor vehicle with intent to commit theft or felony.

•Jacob Perry Maynard, 21, Comer, Driving Under the Influence/alcohol, reckless driving, failure to maintain lane, failure to provide assistance, report an accident and reckless driving.

•Timothy Wayne McLendon, 37, Royston, probation violation.

•Timothy O’Brian Moon, 40, Athens, driving while license suspended or revoked, DUI/alcohol, marijuana possession less than an ounce and speeding.

•Daniel Ortiz-Hernandez, 42, Athens, felony theft by taking.

•Shamara Veola Porter, 33, Colbert, child restraint law, driving while license suspended or revoked and failure to maintain lane.

•Terrance Lee Rucker, marijuana possession less than an ounce.

•Randy Randolph Thomas, 30, Bogart, two counts of probation violation.

•Kalvin Lee Watson, 49, Decatur, first degree forgery, felony identity theft fraud and felony theft by deception.

•Montarious Perez, Wingate, 29, Bowman, DUI/alcohol, open container and seatbelt violation.


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