A Hull man was arrested recently after deputies were called about a domestic dispute. Eric Hamilton Gillespie, 24, 149 Scogin Road, was charged with battery, suspended registration, marijuana possession less than an ounce, removing or affixing license plate with intent to conceal or misrepresent and weaving over roadway.

A woman at her mother’s home on Hill Street in Comer told deputies that Gillespie had struck her with his closed fist while they were arguing over his shirt not being dry. The officer noted that she had a bruise under her left eye and on the right side of her mouth. The incident had happened at their residence on Spratlin Mill Road, according to the report and Gillespie had later taken her to her mother’s home.

While officers were there, Gillespie called and said he had wrecked his car on a dirt road near the Hill Street residence. The officer found him putting air in a tire and noted where he had run off the road and struck an embankment. Gillespie was placed in handcuffs while his car was searched. A handgun and marijuana were found in the vehicle. Gillespie was advised of his charges and placed under arrest.

Others arrested by law enforcement in Madison County recently included:

•Bobby Ray Allen, 45, 2707 Sims Kidd Road, Comer, order to incarcerate, failure to report striking a fixed object and driving while declared a habitual violator.

•Joseph Russell Angel, 32, 388 Caruth Road, Jefferson, probation violation.

•Tyrone Edward Billings, 39, 1377 Sanford Nicholson Road, Hull, possession of marijuana less than an ounce.

•Douglas Berlin Bray, 39, 3680 Smithonia Road, Comer, two counts of probation violation.

•Stanley Andrew Brown, 49, 77 Thomas Road, Hull, DUI and three count of seatbelt violation.

•Byron Barrera Cardona, 26, 262 North Bluff Road, Athens, driving without a license and weaving over the roadway.

•James Cooper Junior, 51, 750 Cooper Road, Comer, DUI and failure to dim headlights. (Comer PD)

•Jimmy Ray Cowart, 45, 77 Sweet Gum Alley, Hull, probation violation.

•Freddrick Twainn Daniel, 21, 290 Alberta Drive, Colbert, hold for Clarke County.

•Jeffrey William Dickerson, 21, 2025 Winterville Road, Athens, parole violation.

•Gregory Leon Dupree, 53, 2362 Airport Drive, Lot 6, Athens, probation violation.

•Sherell Denise Eberhardt, 36, 1101 Porter Drive, Elberton, unlawful to possess, control, manufacture, deliver, distribute, dispense, administer, purchase, sell, etc., possession of tools for the commission of a crime, speeding and illegal possession of a controlled substance. (Comer PD)

•John Matthew Fountain, 28, 441 General Daniel Avenue, Danielsville, DUI and weaving over roadway.

•Zachatte Germark Gray, 31, 76 Sidetrack Circle, Comer, weaving over roadway and DUI. (Comer PD)

•Henry Curtis Hanley, 37, 1202 David’s Home Church Road, Comer, hold for Barrow County.

•Michael Shane Henderson, 34, 328 Pine Street, Ila, two counts of probation violation.

•Fermin Guadalupe Hernandez-Navarro, 22, 142 Westbrook Drive, Athens, tag light required and driving without a license.

•Christopher Thomas Jackson, 32, 262 Pine Street, Ila, DUI and driving while license withdrawn.

•Angela Michelle Manus, 42, 1672 Garnett Ward Road, Hull, hold for other agency.

•Rico Vanzetti Mendoza, 30, 2323 Cunningham Road, Elberton, DUI, speeding, possession of an open container and weaving over roadway.

•Xavier Monterell Reid, 19, 914 Crawfordville Road, Union Point, illegal possession of a controlled substance, unlawful to possess, control, manufacture, deliver, distribute, dispense, administer, purchase, sell, etc. and possession of tools for the commission of a crime. (Comer PD).

•Mary Leah Scoggins, 36, 965 Macedonia Church Road, Danielsville, expired license, hit and run (failure to stop at the scene of an accident), weaving over roadway and driver to use care, proper use of radio or mobile telephone.

•Jessica June Sims, 33, 479 Paoli Road, Carlton, driving while license withdrawn, no tag and unsafe vehicle or equipment. (Comer PD)

•Robert Lafolette Tuggle, 40, 1377 Sanford Nicholson Road, Nicholson, unlawful to possess, control, manufacture, deliver, distribute, dispense, administer, purchase, sell, etc.

•April Whitney Wilbanks, 31, 132 Brickyard Road, Comer, obtaining a controlled substance by fraud.

•Antonio Levar Wilkerson, 33, 9050 Hwy. 106 South, Lot 10, Hull, probation violation.

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