A Hull man was arrested last week for criminal trespass after being abusive in his grandmother’s home.

Sean Dakota Hess, 24, was charged with one count of criminal trespass family violence by Deputy Carolyn Gibson.

On Sept. 9, Deputy Gibson was dispatched to respond to Willis Glenn Road to a “juvenile” throwing items in a home.

Deputy Gibson met with the grandmother who said her grandson (Hess) asked to borrow money from her and when she told him no he began to throw things in the home. She said Hess had been living with her for four months and was using heroin.

The grandson’s father called to speak to Gibson, telling her about his son and stated that Hess found out about his grandmother’s life savings account and had been trying to get money from her and if her returned to the home the grandmother would eventually give him the money. He also said he would be seeking a drug hold on his son.

Other incidents on file at the sheriff’s office this week included:

•A man told Deputy Joshua Rice that a vehicle was stolen from where he had left it parked in front of Athens Auto Wrecking last week. The man said he left the keys in the front seat because he was planning to stop back by to get it.

•A woman on Willis Glenn Road reported that her front door was kicked in while she was gone from home. Deputy Gary Floyd responded and cleared the residence. On walk through with the victim, she noted that multiple items were missing, including weapons. The scene was turned over to investigations.

•A woman on Adams Clarke Road reported that her boyfriend had been drinking vodka and woke her up cursing at her and told her to go out on the porch and talk to her sister. When she did as he said he followed her and told her to “shut the @#$% up” and grabbed her around the throat and began to choke her. Her mother made him stop and she got away from him and went back inside. He followed her and pushed her down face first onto the couch and struck her in the back and the head with his fist. After her brother called 911, the perpetrator ran into the woods and was not able to be found by deputies at that time. The woman was advised to obtain a Temporary Protection Order (TPO) and warrants were issued for his arrest. They were also advised to lock their doors and not let him back inside the home.

•A man on Shoal Creek Road reported that a neighbor’s dogs have been killing his chickens and goats on his property. The man said he had spoken to his neighbor about her dogs, but that the dogs had returned and killed another chicken that day. He also said her goats often come onto his property and make a mess. After failing to make contact with the neighbor, the deputy referred the incident to animal control.

•Deputy Kenneth Bowen was dispatched to a report of a suspicious vehicle on Farm Road. The occupants of the vehicle had allegedly made threats to kill a man that lives in that home. While on the way, dispatch advised shots were fired in the area. Bowen spoke with a woman who told him that she overheard her son talking to his cousin on the phone telling him that a group of five men were looking for them and were “going to kill them.”

She said he said something about an AR-15 that the men possibly had.

She said that she later noticed a blueish/green Honda passenger car driving by her residence at a slow rate of speed. She said that she saw the vehicle pass by multiple times. She called another son and asked him to come to her residence because she was scared.

Bowen then spoke to the son and said he was the one who fired gunshots and that his mother asked him to come over because she was worried about the threats she overheard.

He said that he was sitting on the front porch of the residence with two of his friends when he saw the listed car ride by multiple times and stop in front of his residence. He said that after the vehicle passed by four or five times, he threw his hands up as if to ask what the subjects in the car wanted. He said that the car then drove off. He then went into his residence and grabbed his Taurus and Smith and Wesson handguns. He said that when he came back out his friend was going to his vehicle to leave. He said he left and a short time later he saw the suspect vehicle coming toward his residence. He said that he then held his arms out with his Taurus, with an extended magazine, in his right hand. He said that the vehicle, containing approximately five African American males, pulled into his driveway. He described the front passenger as a black male with shoulder length dread locks. He said that the passenger leaned forward and looked as though he was reaching for something in the floorboard. He also noticed the driver lean up against his window and slouch in the seat. He said that he thought they were reaching for weapons therefore he began firing his Taurus toward the vehicle. He said that he was unsure if the first round fired off or if his gun jammed without expending a round but the Taurus did stop functioning. He said he then removed his S&W .40 caliber from his blue jeans and began firing. He said that he believed he fired five or six rounds toward the vehicle. He said that the vehicle backed up and was driving away from him when he struck the passenger's side of the front windshield. He said he saw the glass break and felt as though he had been hit by small shards of the glass. He said the vehicle left the scene towards Arnold Bottoms Road and he went to hide behind the house.

No arrests were made as there was no communication with anyone in the suspect vehicle. The firearms and ammunition were placed into evidence for safekeeping. Area hospitals were notified to make them aware if any shooting victims presented there.


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