A Hull man was arrested for public drunkenness and other charges last week.

William Brent Swilling, 33, was charged with giving false name, address or birthdate to law enforcement officer, public drunkenness and probation violation.

Sgt. Jason Gaddy was flagged down at CVS in Hull and told about a suspicious person across the street at the Kwik Shell Station who appeared to be “messed up” and was shaking the propane cage at the store.

Gaddy drove to the station and saw a man (Swilling) lying on the ground beside the tanks.

He got out of the patrol car and approached Swilling as he was sitting up. When asked if he had any identification, he replied that yes, he did, it was in his wallet which he had left at home.

He provided the name “William Guest” and gave his birthdate. He was found to have provided a false name. He admitted his real name and said he had last used drugs earlier that day and Gaddy noted that he appeared to be under the influence of some narcotic.

Other incidents on file at the sheriff’s office this week included:

•A woman on Adams Clarke Road reported that she received an alert on her phone from her security system about 1 p.m. saying movement was detected at her residence. When she viewed the system through her phone it showed a male wearing a black shirt and gray shorts walking around the rear of the residence. She said he appeared to have a phone or a camera in one hand a piece of rebar in the other hand. She said he appeared to take photos and then left. She said she did not recognize the man.

•Terroristic threats and acts were reported on Eustus Carter Road last week. A woman called to report that she had received a text message from a man she knows telling her that he was going to kill her and her fiancé. She said the man had been living with them until July 11 but that they had no problems with him that she knew of. She said when he left he had only told them that “I’ll be back.”

•A woman on McCannon Morris Road reported that she believed a drone was flying over her residence. Deputy Joshua Rice went to the scene where the woman showed him video from her security system that appeared to show a ball of light in her front yard near the road. It did appear to be flying around and there was a second object near the garage area. Rice was unable to confirm it was a drone but did not believe that it was due to the way it moved. He also noted it did not have any flashing anti-collision lights on it.

The woman said she has had issues with her husband who lives next door to her and with another neighbor and thinks it is one of them flying drones over her property. She wanted a report for her attorney. She also said she planned to have the images enhanced.


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