A Hull man was charged with shoplifting last week in Ingles.

Ian Bryce Vaughn, 19, was arrested on one count of theft by shoplifting.

The store manager told the responding officer that he was notified by a pharmacy technician that a man (Vaughn) had opened a pack of cough and cold medication and placed the tablets in his pocket.

He then went to a register and paid for a drink but not the medication. When the manager asked him if he’d taken the medicine, he admitted that he had and pulled the tablets from his pocket.

The store manager said he believes that Vaughn has taken other items from the store but that this is the first time that he has been caught and that the store wished to prosecute.

Vaughn admitted to the officer that he took the medicine but that he didn’t know why he did. Vaughn had $730 in cash in his wallet which was placed with Vaughn’s other property at the jail.

Other incidents on file at the sheriff’s office this week included:

•A suicide attempt by pills was reported in the county last week.

•A woman reported that someone stole $600 in cash from her purse while she and her husband were parked at a church on Charlie Bolton Road.

•Two dogs reportedly went into a chicken coop and killed a couple’s chicken on Hardman Morris Road. The animal control officer was able to get the dogs out of the coop and by using a microchip found on one of the dogs he determined they belonged to a woman on Shoal Creek Road who has had multiple calls to her address and from her dogs going to her neighbors’ homes. There is also an active animal cruelty case against the dogs’ owner at this time, according the report. The dogs were seized by animal control because they were unable to locate the owner at the time of the incident.

•A baby was found walking near roadway in the area of Short Seagraves Road and Rogers Church Road. A woman reported the baby about 5:30 p.m. then lost sight of him. While Deputy Gary Floyd was speaking to her a baby in a diaper came walking toward him crying. The woman said she had seen this child in field nearby. Floyd took the child to a home located about 35 yards from a house on Short Seagraves Road. Floyd took the child to the home where a 15-year-old female took the child inside to cool off.

EMS was summoned to the scene to check the child. Floyd then spoke with the child’s grandfather who said the parents went to the store and left the child in the care of the 15-year old and a 16-year old. He called the parents who came to the scene and were very upset.

Floyd spoke to DFACS who said they were very familiar with the family and would follow up with the parents.

•A case of theft by shoplifting was reported at CVS on Hwy. 29 South. The store manager said a male and female removed a quantity of items from the store without authorization and without paying for them. Their actions were captured on store surveillance video. When they left, they set off the theft detection alarm at the front door. The video revealed that the pair worked as a team inside the store removing multiple items and placing them inside the man’s pants or in the woman’s purse. The total amount of the items was estimated at $96. They left in a clean silver four door Infinity sedan.

•A death from a possible heroin overdose was reported last week.

•A witness called dispatch to report a man chasing a woman around the yard of a home of Mt. Zion Road with a large knife or machete. While on their way, deputies were informed that the couple had left the scene together in a vehicle. The witness said he was late for an appointment and didn’t have time to provide any details. Deputies then left the scene and were later dispatched back to the scene due to the female victim coming back home and reporting the domestic. Dispatch also advised she had active warrants out of Clarke County. The woman told officers she had been punched in the face by the offender, dragged her outside by her hair and punched her some more. At one point, she was able to contact the man’s sister to come get her. She had injuries to her face. She said once the sister arrived, the man went to his vehicle and grabbed a machete and chased her through the yard. Once she got in the sister’s vehicle he allegedly struck her and the other occupants in the vehicle. He also allegedly threatened to kill her. Once this information was gathered, she was arrested on the outstanding warrants and driven to the Clarke County line to be transferred to that county.

•A man who suffered an apparent drug overdose was found unresponsive behind the wheel of a red truck that had stopped in the road on Horace Elnut Circle and Rocky Branch Hollow Road at the stop sign. EMS arrived and treated the victim who was alert and responsive when the deputy left the scene after issuing him a license suspension notice. The male refused to be transported by EMS.

•A man and his 16-year old went to the Madison County Sheriff’s Office to report that they were fishing on the Broad River off of Fred Goss Road when their cousin stopped by about 5:30 p.m. Shortly after, her ex-boyfriend showed up and got out of his 2007 Toyota Tundra and grabbed a pump shotgun and pointed it at the father. He said his cousin told her to put up the gun and leave and he did, with the cousin following him.


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