A Hull teen was charged with terroristic threats and acts last week.

Miguel Christian Marsingill, 17, was arrested by Deputy Carolyn Gibson after she heard him say, “I will blow your brains out” to a person he was arguing with at a home on Belhaven Lane.

On July 6, Deputy Gibson went to Belhaven Lane when a woman reported that another woman was throwing needles on her property.

The victim requested that a couple across the road be barred from their property because they were on drugs and throwing used needles on her land. Gibson issued a criminal trespass warning, effective for two years.

While Gibson was talking to the neighbors, Marsingill came across the road and he and the male neighbor began shouting at each other and Marsingill made the threat, which was heard by everyone.

Other incidents on file at the sheriff’s office this week included:

•A possible case of sexual exploitation of a minor was reported to the sheriff’s office last week.

•Deputy Xavier Duncan was dispatched to Allen Road about a stolen Kia SUV. A man there told him that another man he knows came to his home in the stolen SUV and that he caught him attempting to steal some horse bridles from his home, but caught him before he could flee with them. He said that they got into a minor altercation before the suspect attempted to drive away in the SUV, only making it several hundred yards before the vehicle stopped and he jumped out and ran into the woods. The victim then removed a small dog from the vehicle since it was hot and called 911. The tag came back as a stolen vehicle belonging to a woman in Jackson County. Other bridles belonging to someone else were found inside the vehicle and claimed by their owner. The vehicle was towed to an impound lot and the owner was notified about her stolen car and told where she could pick up her dog. Warrants were issued for the alleged driver of the SUV.

•Robbery and aggravated assault were reported on Bobby Road last week. Dispatch sent Deputy Matthew Bryant to the scene after a third part caller reported that a man told them that someone was trying to kill him and then passed out. Bryant and EMS found a man sitting on the ground. His mother was also on scene at that time. The victim said a person known to him struck him several times about his face with his fists, struck him on the head with a wooden stick and snatched his $100 prepaid cell phone out of his hand. His mother also provided information to Bryant about the alleged suspect.

•Catalytic converters were reportedly stolen from an auto salvage company on Hwy. 29 South last week.

•Neighbors on Morris Lane reported that someone had attacked a man across the road and pulled a gun on him. The man was found to be OK with an abrasion on his chin. He said the suspect, who he knows, did have a gun during the altercation and that he had feared for his life. The suspect had fled the scene.


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