A Hull woman was charged with battery against an elderly person recently.

Ellen Elizabeth Colton-Norveisas, 50, was charged with simple battery against a person who is 65 or older, theft by taking and willful obstruction of officers.

Deputy Josie Weaver was dispatched to the home regarding a caregiver hitting an elderly male (also her ex-husband).

He found the victim on the back porch who told him that about noon his ex-wife and roommate came into his bedroom and took his cell phone. He said he followed her out of the bedroom and she slammed his right elbow into the door. Weaver observed that the victim’s elbow had a scratch and was bleeding. He said his ex-wife had left before Weaver’s arrival.

Several hours later, dispatch informed him that Colton-Norveisas had returned to the home. The victim told him that she was locked in a room that only she had a key to.

The victim agreed for his granddaughter to enter into a window to unlock the door so Weaver and Deputy Winford Adams could enter. Colton-Norveisas was arrested and taken to jail.

Other incidents on file at the sheriff’s office last week included:

•Jermie Allen Tank, 42, of Colbert, was charged with battery-family violence after Sgt. Jason Gaddy and Deputy Jacob Loggins were dispatched to Gatewood Drive in Colbert regarding a domestic dispute. Gaddy encountered the wife outside in the driveway and she told him that her husband has not slept in five days and was hallucinating. He also became angry at her, she said, and hit her on the head with his open hand. Officers couldn’t see any signs or marks on her face. They found Tank in the foyer who proceeded to tell them that his wife has all sorts of people doing work inside the house and that these people were still there “unless they had gone out the windows.” Deputies determined that he appeared to be having hallucinations and needed to be evaluated for his mental health. No evidence of ongoing work was seen; no tools, no debris on the floors, no evidence at all that anyone else had been inside the home doing any work. He agreed to go to the hospital. His wife asked about him being arrested for family violence and produced indoor video surveillance video that backed up her description of what had happened to her. Instead of going to the hospital, he was taken to jail and his wife was urged to obtain a Temporary Protection Order (TPO) if she feared for her safety.

•Possible arson was reported on A.C. Carey Road last week. Cpl. Austin Dean responded to the home where he met with the complainant who said a storage building behind his home had been burned. He stated the storage building had no electricity, and had never had electricity hooked to it since it had been on this property. He stated that someone had to set the building on fire as nothing was inside the building except a cedar chest with some items inside and a few miscellaneous clothing items. He further stated there have been four fires at this address over the course of the past seven months. He stated that two storage buildings have been burned, along with a vehicle parked in the driveway and a tag-along trailer loaded with pine straw parked in front of the residence. He stated the vehicle did not have a battery in it when it was burned and the trailer loaded with pine straw had just been pulled in and parked the morning before the fire totally destroyed the trailer. He also stated the storage building which burned that night had already been set on fire once earlier this year and had not completely burned up. He stated he believes a neighbor is responsible for setting the fires. He stated the front porch light at the neighbor’s house is always on, every day and night. However, each and every time there has been a fire at his house, the neighbor’s front porch light has been off and it has appeared that no one was at home. Dean looked at the burned storage building and observed the most severe damage was on the back left corner of the building, which is an opposing wall from where the entry doorway is located. The deputy asked about insurance and he was told his insurance has already paid all they would pay in a year due to the amount of fires that have already taken place at this address this year. Dean said the complainant was very adamant that he would “shoot and kill anyone he caught on his property if he suspected they were trying to set fire to anything else. He stated he would even shoot and kill his own child if that were the case.” Dean noted in the report that he thought that comment was odd. E-911 has logged five previous reports of fires. Looking through those reports, Dean noted one structure fire several years earlier began in a bedroom belonging to a son. The report, including the 911 calls were forwarded to the criminal investigations division for review.

•A manager at the Golden Pantry on Hwy. 72 in Hull reported that she had noticed her store cash tally and merchandise tally has been incorrect over a two-day period. She said that after a week of thorough investigation, she noticed the problem had occurred when a certain employee was on duty. She then looked through security footage and noticed he was stealing from the cash register. She said that when the clerk was approached by a customer with a cash transaction, he would write the item down on a list, record the price, take the cash from the customer and give them the proper change and would then later keep that cash for himself. She said that he would do this by opening the register with a sale check and when attempting to drop the cash in the money drop he would keep the money from the customers and place it in his apron. She asked that a deputy be present when she terminated him. She also said a separate case is being looked at at another store that involves this clerk’s girlfriend.

•A woman on Mt. Zion Road reported that her “baby’s daddy” dropped off his new juvenile girlfriend, an unknown white male and an unknown white female at the end of her driveway. The complainant said that the three of them approached her on the front porch where she was sitting and confronted her about a post on Facebook that was accusing the juvenile female and the baby's daddy of burning their child on the legs. The woman said that an argument started between the two of them, and that her sister came out onto the front porch and started arguing as well with the juvenile female. The woman said that the juvenile female punched her sister in the left eye causing it to bruise, then punched her in the face a few more times before fleeing the residence. The woman said that she followed the juvenile and the other two subjects as they walked up the road and called 911. She further stated that the three subjects walked to Mt Zion Baptist Church and left in a red Ford Mustang with a black racing stripe down the center of the vehicle and that the car belongs to her baby’s daddy. She gave the responding officer the girlfriend’s name, phone number and date of birth from her Facebook profile. The report did not mention whether or not there were burns on the child’s legs.


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