A Hull woman was arrested last week after an officer responded to a call about a woman sitting in a cul de sac under the influence of drugs.

Samantha Ruth Jordan, 30, was charged with drugs not in original container, pedestrian under the influence, possession and use of drug-related objects, possession of a Schedule IV Controlled Substance and possession of cocaine.

Officer Joshua Smith arrived to find a white female (Jordan) wearing pajama pants and a black jacket seated in the middle of a cul de sac on Acorn Road.

The woman identified herself Smith noted her speech was slurred and that she was wearing sunglasses, even though it was cloudy outside. When asked, she removed the glasses and Smith noted her pupils were constricted and her eyes were “droopy.”

Smith offered to have someone come pick her up but she refused to give him a number, instead asking if she could go to Ingles so she could use their wifi. Smith told her she could not go to Ingles to loiter.

She was arrested and when Smith asked her if she had anything illegal on her, she replied “no” but began to cry, saying she had some drugs in her purse.

In another incident, Deputy Mason Bennett was dispatched to the Veteran’s Clinic on Hwy. 29 South on New Year’s Eve in response to threats. He spoke with an employee who said a man left a voicemail on Dec. 30 stating he was unhappy that his pension was taken way when he was locked up. He also stated that he was going to start “shooting up them some b*^%$#.” Bennett obtained the name and address of the caller. Clinic administration said they had notified their own law enforcement agency about the matter.

Through investigation, Bennett was able to determine that the caller was now living in homeless shelters in Athens. When he attempted to obtain a warrant, the magistrate judge stated that due to the location of the incident being a federal building, it was up to the VA agency to handle the investigation.

Other incidents investigated by the sheriff's office this past week included:

•A man on Clark Circle reported the theft of a number of power tools from the garage of a home he was working on on Christmas day. The man told the responding officer that the garage door had been left open.

•A man on Hwy. 106 reported a roofed dog kennel had been disassembled and removed from his front yard. He did not have any suspects in mind and estimated the value of the kennel at $250.

•A man on Broad River Road reported that a gathering place for special occasions had been broken into between Dec. 27 and Dec. 29. The building has iron bars on the windows and doors barred with wooden planks. Entry was made on the back porch where a window was busted out and an iron bar moved enough to allow someone small to go through.

•A woman on Yarbrough Road reported that on Dec. 28 a total of $18,122 was transferred out of her account to another bank. She changed all her bank information and gave the responding deputy the name of a suspect that was attached to the transaction.

•A man on Kudzu Road reported that a pit bull from a neighboring property came into his yard and pushed his son to the ground and scratched his face. He said he was able to scare the dog away. He told Cpl. Zach Brooks that this has happened multiple times and that the dogs, as well as horses, have been left at the property chained up without food or water and appear to be malnourished. He said the owner lives somewhere outside the county. The man was told that animal control would be advised of the complaint. Brooks went to the property and found a locked gate. Dispatch was unable to find any information as to the property owner.

•Deputy Carolyn Gibson responded to burglary in progress at Section 8 Gun Shop on Hwy. 29 South last week at 12:22 a.m. on Dec. 31. The business owner was alerted by a camera motion sensor. A broken window was found at the shop and the scene was turned over to investigations.

•Two reports of possible child abuse/molestation were reported in the county.

•A woman was cited last week for repeatedly allowing her 35 goats to get into the roadway on Hwy. 72 near Paoli Road.


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