The Dollar General in Ila was burglarized Monday, Sept. 13.

Officers responded to an alarm at the store. The front door was found to be busted in. A glass cigarette cabinet had also been broken into and one of the refrigerators was open. Security footage showed that around 3 a.m. a male wearing a long-sleeved orange shirt, black pants, baseball hat, tennis shoes and a black scarf around his face approached the door and used some type of pipe to bust the glass on the door and forced the door open.

The subject then walked around behind the counter and used the pipe to bust the cigarette cabinet open. The subject spent some time standing there loading multiple packs of cigarettes into a duffle bag. The subject then walked back around and opened the refrigerator and removed an energy drink. The subject is then seen grabbing multiple items from multiple different shelves and placing it all in one of his two duffle bags.

The subject then attempts to break another cabinet that was holding cellphones but was unsuccessful in breaking the glass. The subject is then seen leaving the store and walking back towards the roadway towards Danielsville. The manager stated there are no cameras outside the store. Officers did find several dropped items in the parking lot and footprints in the grass. It also appeared a vehicle had been sitting in the turn lane. The incident remains under investigation.

In another incident, a Colbert man was arrested after a heavy duty trailer he was pulling became detached from his vehicle and crashed into power poles and other electrical equipment at the Jackson EMC power grid on Hwy. 106 South.

Floyd Preston Alewine, 64, was charged with crossing state/county guard lines with weapons, intoxicants, drugs without consent, duty upon striking fixture, hit and run; duty of driver to stop at or return to the scene of an accident, possession of methamphetamine and unsecure load.

When a deputy arrived at the accident, the vehicle pulling the trailer had already left the scene.

It was later determined that the trailer belonged to Alewine/Georgia Recycling Group, and that the truck that was hauling the trailer belonged to the same company. The owner of the company was contacted, and he advised that Floyd Alewine was the individual that was driving the company truck that was hauling the trailer. Alewine was contacted, and he advised that he did not know that the trailer was missing until the owner had contacted him. Alewine said that he was in Watkinsville, dropping off a co-worker and that he would return to the accident site.

He returned to the accident scene and was again asked about the trailer and the accident scene. He continued with his story that he never knew that he lost his trailer. He was later placed under arrest for leaving the scene of an accident, unsecured load, and striking a fixed object. Alewine was placed in the rear of a patrol car, and transported to the Madison County Jail where he was released to the on duty jail staff.

During the booking process, a detention officer informed the deputy that he had located a crystal like substance in Alewine's possession that later tested positive for methamphetamine.

Other incidents on file at the sheriff’s office last week included:

•Investigators are looking into a dispute at a mobile home on Hwy. 98 that erupted into gunfire in the middle of the night last week. According to Chief Deputy Jeff Vaughn, no one was injured in the incident and a man and his sister had allegedly fired into the air during a domestic dispute in the yard of the family home. Warrants have been issued and at least one person is being sought for questioning.

•A suicide attempt by “cutting” was reported in the county last week.

•A man reported last week that someone allegedly loosened the lug nuts on his tires when he left it parked at the old Danielsville Dollar General in Danielsville. The responding officer noted that there were surveillance cameras pointed in the direction of where his vehicle was parked. The man named a suspect and was told about the Temporary Protection Order (TPO).

•A man and his wife reported that they were driving on Hwy. 174 when a large black boar pig entered the roadway and struck the front of his Ford truck, causing minimal damage.

•A drug overdose was reported in the county last week.

•A suicide threat by gun was reported in the county last week.

•A man on Cypress Woods Court reported that someone stole the locked toolbox with multiple tools off of his truck last week.

•A woman was bleeding from the head and transported to a local hospital Sept. 6 after a two-vehicle collision at 3:19 p.m. at Hwy. 72 and Hardman Morris Road in Colbert.

•A woman complained of head pain but said she didn’t need to go to the hospital after a jeep overturned in a ditch on Hwy. 106 in Hull Sept. 4.

•A two-vehicle T-bone collision with a patient needing to be evaluated was reported at Hwy. 29 at the Kwik Shell Station Sept. 2 at 6:48 a.m.


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