The bodies of two pit bull terrier mixes were found dumped in a creek off Farm Road June 1.

They were reported as having bags over their heads. Assistant deputy animal control officer Matthew Bryant said he received a call about the dogs Monday evening. When he arrived at the scene, he determined that the dogs were the same two dogs involved in a case he had worked on Friday, May 29.

On May 29, a resident on Farm Road called him and told him she had shot and killed two dogs that were attacking her dog in her yard. When Bryant arrived, he said he observed the two deceased dogs and that both had been shot; one in the neck and one in the ribcage area. He said he also saw the resident’s dog, who had suffered significant wounds from an attack and observed where a scuffle between the dogs appeared to have occurred. He searched the area, but was unable to find the dogs’ owner. He said he informed the resident before he left the scene that she needed to ensure the dogs were buried properly.

After the dogs’ bodies were found in the creek on Monday, he attempted to make contact with the woman who shot them but has since been unable to do so. He said he is continuing to investigate the case and two charges of improper disposal of a deceased animal are likely pending. The animals were removed from the creek by an inmate detail and disposed of. As to the bags over the animals, Bryant said it appeared as if the bags had been placed over the dogs to prevent blood leaking from them when they were transported from where they were shot.

In another incident, while investigating the dog incident on Tuesday, June 2, Bryant discovered an alcohol still in a shed at a home on Farm Road. Deputy Josie Weaver was dispatched to the scene where Bryant told him he went to the residence in reference to the dog issue and when he arrived he observed a man enter a brown wooden shed. Bryant reportedly told Weaver he followed the man and knocked on the shed’s door and when the man opened the door Bryant observed a pot, “thumper,” “worm” and a five-gallon jug containing a cloudy liquid. The case is still under investigation and as of press time no arrests have been made.

Other incidents on file at the sheriff’s office this week included:

•A person on Macedonia Church Road reported that someone has cut her barbed wire fence twice within the week, resulting in her cows getting out.

•First-degree burglary was reported on Young Harris Road last week. A man there said someone kicked in his front door and stole a new air compressor.

•A runaway juvenile was reported on Davis Street.

•Deputy Josie Weaver was dispatched to a medical office due to bruising on a minor. The minor told the officer that her mother hit her with a belt while they and other family members were at a hotel in Tennessee. She also said her mother “used to hit her a lot” before she turned 9, but not so much now. The child had bruises over much of her body. DFCS was called. The mother had brought the child to seen and told the nurse practitioner that she thought her daughter was bipolar and having suicidal thoughts. When the N.P. asked to speak to the child alone, the child told her that her mother drinks alcohol “a lot” and that she hits her.

•Glass was shattered in an entrance door at Ingles last week. Deputy Joseph Rutledge spoke with the store manager who told him a man busted the window. Rutledge was able to view a video of the incident, which showed a man wearing a camouflage shirt and khaki shorts slam a shopping cart into the door, shattering it. He then took the cart and put it back inside the store. The offender began to walk away when it appeared another man said something to him and he walked back into the store and approached the service desk saying he was sorry repeatedly before leaving the store.

•Deputy Christian Sisk was dispatched to Woodale Street at Glenn Carrie Road on June 8 regarding a small child walking on Woodale Street alone. A man told him that he was traveling down Glenn Carrie Road toward Hwy. 72 when he spotted an approximately 2-year old child walking in the road unattended.

The man stated that he stopped and attempted to speak to the child, but due to the child’s age and a possible language barrier he was unable to obtain any information. He stated that after about 10 minutes, a Hispanic female arrived on scene in a white minivan and retrieved the child and placed him in a car seat. He said he told her that he had called 911 and a deputy was on the way. The woman allegedly said “no” multiple times and left the scene, traveling down Woodale Street. The van was not located.


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