A Jefferson man was arrested last week after 911 received multiple complaints about a male walking in Sanford Road and then lying in a ditch.

Timothy Martin William, 59, was charged with one count of pedestrian under the influence.

Deputy Gary Floyd responded to the scene where he found Williams attempting to crawl out of a ditch on Sanford Road north of the crossroad with Helican Spring Road. Williams was in disarray and his shirt was covered in mud.

He had small cuts on his hands and arms from the ground and his speech was slurred. He told Floyd he did not do drugs, though Floyd noted his eyes were pinpoint. After EMS checked him out, he was taken to jail.

Other incidents on file at the sheriff’s office this week included:

•A man on Hwy. 191 reported that items had been taken from his yard overnight. The man provided a list to Deputy Carolyn Gibson while they walked around the property together. The items included a leaf blower, wire welder, bench grinder, band saw, tool boxes and other items totaling about $2,500. He also showed Gibson where his screen door had been cut in an apparent effort to gain entry into his home.

•A reported that over $31,000 of entertainment equipment and many tools were missing from his storage building when he went to take it out for a job.

•Harassing communications were reported on Colbert-Danielsville Road last week. Deputy Joshua Rice responded to the scene where he met with a woman who said her ex-husband has been harassing her. She said he was previously in prison and had she thinks he is now on drugs. She said that while she was at work her teenage daughter was at home and her ex showed up walked around the house, which was awarded to her in their divorce. She said he has also sent her several harassing voicemails which she played for the deputy. She was told about the Temporary Protection Order (TPO) process and that if her ex-husband showed up on her property again he could be charged with criminal trespass.

•A Subway customer was banned from the restaurant for one year after she made a scene over a refund on a meal. The manager explained she had refunded the woman’s money to a debit card, but the woman complained that it had not shown up yet.

•Deputy Mason Bennett met with two cars at the end of the road to the sheriff’s office last week after a woman called and said she was being chased and honked at by another car. Bennett separated the parties in the two vehicles. One driver told him she was at Paoli Junction to meet a couple to buy an iPhone for $600. The man in the other car got out of the passenger seat, grabbed her cash and fled the scene. She said she chased them down Hwy. 98 attempting to stop them and get her money back. She said she was unable to call 911 herself due to trying to stay with the vehicle. The couple in the other car said they had never seen the folks in the car chasing them and they were being chased for no reason. They said they were at the Paoli store on their way back from a relative’s home in Winterville. Bennett told them the case would be turned over to investigations who would contact them.

•A woman on Amberly Drive reported that some unknown person slashed two of the tires on her car overnight while it was parked in her yard.

•A man on Sandy Spring Road reported that someone had been prowling in the area in a white truck and another unidentified vehicle. Deputy Gary Floyd responded. The man told him that at some point shots were fired and he came out of his house and saw the white truck leaving. There were bullet holes in his fence and one in a fender of his car. The truck was picked up on a neighbor’s trail cam.

•Deputy Joseph Rutledge met with a woman and two Hart County deputies at her home on Vaughn Circle on July 3. The deputies said they found the woman walking near the city of Hartwell and she told them someone had pulled shotgun on her and threatened to blow her head off at her home on Vaughn Circle in Madison County earlier.

The woman told Rutledge that a man she knows came to her home and told her he was her “god” and she needed to kneel before him and worship him. She said when she refused, he pulled a shotgun from his car and pointed it at her and said he would blow her head off. At that point, she said her fiancé jumped in between them and she ran from the scene. She said her fiancé is now in the county jail on unrelated charges.

She said she was scared to come back home because people were watching her and wanted to kill her because she has been talking to the FBI and the GBI about stuff she knows. She said she had attempted to get into two different homeless shelters and a battered women’s shelter but they were closed due to Covid. She admitted she was hooked on methamphetamine, according to the report. She refused transportation to the hospital. She was advised she had exhausted all her resources and she agreed to go to the hospital in Elberton. She was transported there but when she got out she left on foot.

Rutledge then met with her boyfriend at the jail who said she makes these stories up due to her addiction and that the story she related was untrue.


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